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  1. PatrickD85

    Sega is working on fixes for Sonic Origins

    They never should have released it as is ... Hope the fixed version will come before a physcial version releases.
  2. PatrickD85

    Hacking TheFlow has discovered a major exploit called bd-jb for PS3, PS4, and PS5, can be used to load game backups burned to discs

    Well that was kinda unexpected, but cool .. let's monitor this development and see what comes from it.
  3. PatrickD85

    Mario Strikers: Battle League has leaked a couple of days early

    Yeah, like always. Nintendo first party release leaks early ... [insert nespresso what else tune]
  4. PatrickD85

    Sonic '06 has randomly reappeared on the Xbox 360 digital store after 12 years of being delisted

    Oh yeah we still have that one. Sonic Boom, and Sonic and the Black Knight as well. (I personally liked Forces) But 06 i still known to be one of the most buggy Sonic games ever. Thats why it is so crap in memory as well as;
  5. PatrickD85

    Sonic '06 has randomly reappeared on the Xbox 360 digital store after 12 years of being delisted

    Ow kinda neat actually ... look kids this is .. WORST SONIC EVER :)
  6. PatrickD85

    Emulator Kyty, a PS4 and PS5 emulator, gets v0.1.0 release

    Wow this kinda came out of nowhere ... but cool. Wonder what kind of beefy system you would need for it though.
  7. PatrickD85

    Bugsnax and 7 Days to Die lead new entries for Game Pass

    Bugsnax being in their is nice. Gives me a chance to test it out before I buy it for Nintendo Switch :P
  8. PatrickD85

    No More Heroes III coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC this fall

    Was bound to happen sooner rather then later.
  9. PatrickD85

    PS3 emulator RPCS3 now available on Mac

    Ow cool, might give that go :)
  10. PatrickD85

    PlayStation's version of Game Pass could be unveiled next week

    Wonder what this will turn out to be in the end ...
  11. PatrickD85

    Kirby and the Forgotten Land has leaked

    Well that was to be expected.It's more or less a given this day and age.
  12. PatrickD85

    PCSX2 will now automatically apply hardware fixes to games

    Very cool to see this development :)
  13. PatrickD85

    F-Zero X is the next Switch Online N64 game, arrives on March 11

    Ok i like this <3 Such a classic and beloved title.
  14. PatrickD85

    Cyberpunk 2077 gets its "next-gen" patch, shows off improved visuals and performance

    Every time and I mean it , when I read about Cyberpunk 2077 ... I get that parody song by Woods from Beatemups in my head. For those who dont know;
  15. PatrickD85

    Crunchyroll brings its anime streaming service to the Nintendo Switch

    A few decades later ... But still better late then never.
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