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  1. miruki

    Gaming PokéPark 2

    I really like the game so far, have been playing it with my son the past few days... we just started over since the German version came out yesterday and my son enjoys it a lot more when the Pokemon say the names he's used to from watching the German dub of the anime. ;> I've never played the...
  2. miruki

    Gaming Motorstorm RC free on the Vita

    I just saw this on the playstation blog: So, just a heads up to everyone, so no one misses downloading the game tomorrow.. :D
  3. miruki

    Hacking A few questions... ? :)

    I've recently got myself a Vita, since there's not much out for it yet and I never owned a PSP before, I got me some PSP games from the PSN store and am playing those. One of them is Fate/Extra and it's starting to frustrate me a little, as it involves lots of boring grinding. Now I've seen...
  4. miruki

    Gaming Touch My Katamari!

    Anyone else loving the game as much as I do? :> I just played the demo, as I'm still waiting for the 1st, so I can finally buy some games.. and Touch My Katamari will be my first Vita game. I've played the first two Katamari games on the PS2 and I hope I can play the PS3 game some day as well...
  5. miruki

    Gaming Does EU Corpse Party run on Vita?

    I just got my Vita and I'm dying ;> to play Corpse Party. While I know that the US version has been confirmed to run on the Vita, the EU version doesn't show up in the PSN Store at all when connecting to it from the Vita and when I use Media Go on the PC I do find the game but it says that it's...
  6. miruki

    ROM Hack Chinese Translator Needed!

    I know that this is not the right section for this topic, but it's the most frequented translation section of the whole board and I don't think posting in the General PC section makes too much sense.. :/ But if this is a no-go, feel free to move it. :> Anyways, there is this awesome Princess...
  7. miruki

    My TV just died on me... ;_;

    Now I'm sad and depressed because I can't continue playing Arc Rise Fantasia which was just getting uber exciting. D: There's RGB to VGA adapters so I can connect the Wii to my PC monitor, right? ...why couldn't this happen like 4 hours ago when I'd still have the chance to go to the...
  8. miruki

    Hacking CFG USB Loader - NTSC-J game won't load with forced PAL

    I just recently got my Wii (PAL) and I'm a sucker for the whole hacking thing in general. I somehow managed to softmod it completely following the instructions of xzxero's guide. After trying out various USB Loaders CFG was the only that would recognise my Hitachi 160GB 2''5 HDD so I stuck with...
  9. miruki

    ROM Hack Suikoden Tierkreis - editing savegame / change name?

    There is a now method available in My son's grabby hands got hold of my DS when I left Suikoden Tierkreis running while I was preparing dinner and he somehow ended up naming the castle 'x'... which...
  10. miruki

    Shipping to EU -> Customs Office?

    I finally want to order me a Supercard DSTWO, but I'm a bit paranoid of stuff ordered from non-EU countries ending up at the customs office and having to get the stuff from there, having to pay taxes and all. Thing is, Just the Supercard with free shipping would be right around the limit...
  11. miruki

    Gaming Eternal Sonata Savegame

    Sadly I don't have my savegames anymore since my external HDD died where I stored them, so... Does anyone by any chance have a savegame right after the battle against Tuba at the end of Chapter 02? Or right in the begininng of Chapter 3... The earliest savegame I was able to find is in Chapter...
  12. miruki

    ROM Hack Tsukibito & Child's Play Patch

    Well, since I have an M3 there's no problem for me with the game, but a friend who's the unlucky owner of an R4... well yeah. Anyways, I downloaded both roms, the 4081 one (which was kinda messed up both on NO$GBA and my M3, did work but had some graphic glitches) and the 4090 one, which worked...
  13. miruki

    Gaming Translating PC Games.

    Like the description says, I'm not asking for someone to translate games for me or anything, rather I'd like to translate some games together with some friends myself. Otome Eroges to be excact. That are 18+ visual novel style games aimed at girls (meaning you play a girl wooing guys.) I'd...
  14. miruki

    Soo, yeaaah.. back to school it is?

    Well, I have some entry exam on monday to see if I would make it at this school thinger that will help me prepare for external exams (I dunno if something like that exists elsewhere, it's basically those guys from the examination board preparing the stuff you get tested at instead of your...
  15. miruki

    Finally, a new start.

    Tomorrow I'm finally moving back to Hamburg into my very own flat. I hope I'm gonna survive the day somehow, coz on Saturday I got the awful migraine/cold thinger, til some hours ago I still had fever and all... D: Just my luck, I guess. At least lots of my friends are gonna be helping out...
  16. miruki

    Gaming Suikoden Tierkreis out today.. in Germany? oO

    I just noticed that the German release date is today, one day before the UK release, 5 days before the US release.. now that's feeling pretty weird to me, somehow. XD Pretty neat EUR releases today.. :3 Gonna check out if I can get my hands on the game today somehow. edit: And just as I...
  17. miruki

    The stuff that's been happening..

    Alot has been going on in my life lately, yeah, alot. I broke up with my boyfriend after 3 1/2 years, there were many reasons for that, but the main reason being that I simply stopped loving him. Not from one day to the other, no, over the past 12 months my feelings got less and less, I've...
  18. miruki

    Taking requests!

    NEED TO GO ON HIATUS FOR A WHILE! D: I'm sorry, I will finish all of the requests I got so far, but I'll need some time, yesterday a waterpipe in our house broke and things have been really hectic and chaotic and everything, so I seriously have no time to draw right now, I'll also be on a trip...
  19. miruki

    I think I hate this day. D:

    I don't like my birthdays in general and it's not like I care much about it anyways, but.. I don't know. Why do I feel so atrabilious today? sigh. D: My mother hasn't even called me yet, usually she calls me as soon as it's midnight to wish me a nice birthday and tell me she loves me. For...
  20. miruki

    Wee~!! Vacations!

    I just wanted to say I'll be at granny's place until the 29th, so, merry christmas to everyone!! *__* Since I have no intarwebs or anything over there and the town where she lives is really boring and most of the time shops will be closed anyways I'll take my PS2 with me and play Persona 4...
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