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  1. Boomerams

    Homebrew Question What's with the hate?

    Was just browsing the ummm...well, "tinfoil" (trying not to get in trouble here) and just saw a new sections for payloads. What struck me as kind of weird were the descriptions for the different payloads that named atmosphere the "worst" and SXOS the "best" CFW along side hekate labeled as...
  2. Boomerams

    ROM Hack Tales of Veaperia Woes (nothing works)

    Finally decided to play through Tales of Veaperia again, but the game is constantly crashing as soon as the language selection screen appears shortly after starting the game. Anyone else having any similar issues getting this game started or know of a way to fix this? I have tried several...
  3. Boomerams

    Hardware Home button light up`

    just realized that pressing right on D-pad and pressing the right stick button down makes my joycon home button light up...actually made my day, for some reason, and think its just f'n neat with a clear joycon shell lol. wondering if this is due to having a modchip and or cfw and whatever else...
  4. Boomerams

    Homebrew Discussion Overclocking playground

    Anyone know of the actual "safe" overclocking limits or any examples of overclocking causing negative or destructive side effects with the switch? If so, please post your experiences or link to your examples so I can factor them in during testing. Thinking of compiling a more comprehensive list...
  5. Boomerams

    Hardware Oooo, a 1TB microSDXC but dang $$$

    Just saw this in my news feed and just wanted to post for anyone that doesn't know about it. Anyone thinking about getting one and dishing out the moola for this thing? CLICK HERE FOR LINK
  6. Boomerams

    Hacking Question Importing saves from a dead switch with backup Nand

    So, I initially posted this under the Saves discussion board, but didn't receive any hits or a single bit of help. Figured I would try it here because I'm desperate. Moderators, I apologise if I improperly placed this thread under the wrong discussion board, so please feel free to delete if...
  7. Boomerams

    ROM Hack Question Transfer of Save Data

    So, basically, my main switch seemed to just die on me and I had to start using my backup switch as my daily driver and I don't have anyway of accessing the saves, through system transfer or the likes, from my old (now broken) switch to transfer them over, I do have a recent backup of everything...
  8. Boomerams


    Just something I read about and figured I would share with the community. Hopefully this is the right place to post. Source: GitHub:
  9. Boomerams

    Hardware The 360 Slim Faceplate Annoyance

    Ok so I have owned several 360 Slim's and all have sooner or later had the touch sensors go retarded on me. The systems would turn on or off by themselves and you would hear a random beep from the Xbox every now and then. I have tried everything to fix this and as some methods would work for a...
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