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  1. sonknuck23

    Gaming Same videos in Nintendo Video?

    So far, Nintendo Video sucks to me, I barely ever even touch it. But one video that killed me was "Dinosaur Office". It was pretty good, I wont lie. However, I watched it like, 3 times, and that was it. I just checked out Nintendo Video today and it re-downloaded Dinosaur Office AGAIN and...
  2. sonknuck23

    Call me a little bitch.

    So, after a year and a half, I made the decision to break up with my girlfriend. it happened yesterday. Now, for some reason, I feel like shit. Everyone tells me it's normal, 'cause it's what I wanted in the end, but why do I still feel like trash? I have work at 7am, it's 11:11pm, and I don't...
  3. sonknuck23

    I just got my Sega Master System. . .

    Like it says above, half the time when I turn it on it doesn't even go on. I tried unplugging it, plugging it in, changing outlets, it just doesn't work all the time. Pissed 'cause I bought it at a flea market that's super far and the only way to get there is by my friends car. Really pissed...
  4. sonknuck23


    I'm so psyched. I got it, Sega Master System. With a controller, a light gun, all wires, and I also got Alex Kidd in Miracle World.
  5. sonknuck23

    Hacking GC Backup Launcher Issues

    I recently had issues getting GC games to load again on my wii. I tried everything, so when it came down to it; I bought the wii Disc Drive cleaner. Sure enough, I used it twice, and now all my back-ups work. I hope this isn't a waste of a post, just thought that maybe others having the same...
  6. sonknuck23

    Flea Market on Sunday

    Either way, I'm going. My friend went and said he found bucket-loads of rare / games worth more than 10$ for like, 50 cents and etc. We're going with my friends parents on Sunday and him and I are gonna' roam and look for old games. Of course, I'm looking for Game Gear games, and a Sega Master...
  7. sonknuck23

    Apple Unable to send texts on my iPhone 3G

    So I'm unable to send text as of this morning. I can receive them, I can make and receive calls, I just can't send texts. It just gives that little exclamation mark with the red circle, and then I have to keep "trying again". WHat the hell is going on? It's been fine, and it's never done this...
  8. sonknuck23

    Psychic World Help (SMS Ver.)

    I'm at the final boss and I've been shooting at it for 15 minutes, nothing's happening. What the fuck am I doing wrong?!? EDIT: After like, a long time, I figured it out. Sorry to make this thread; go ahead and lock.
  9. sonknuck23

    Hacking I'm back to square one

    Although I have a modchip, it seems to have stopped working, so I'm forced to run GC Backups through a back-up launcher. I got it working a few months back, I haven't touched it in a while, and now, I went to play a game, and it didn't load. . . so I'm completely lost on what to do now, do I...
  10. sonknuck23

    Just putting it out there, it's about Zelda.

    I used to always play Zelda games as a kid, but only recently have I realized how much I love it. I'm currently playing like, 6 games at once and it's just so great. just putting it out there.
  11. sonknuck23

    Homebrew VBAgx issues

    So, I just found out that for some strange reason, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages / Seasons both cannot save SRAM or Snapshot. Every other game works, but these ones. I have all my roms on my external HDD and the saves save to my SD Card (I think.) Any idea why this could be happening?
  12. sonknuck23

    Selling my Gemei A330 to a friend

    Is this a bad idea? I'm not too impressed with the Gemei anymore, since half the games I play don't work properly, and various other things about it that just bug me. I haven't even touched it in like, 3 months. I know some people who are interested (both online and offline), but I Decided that...
  13. sonknuck23

    Girlfriend's birthday today. Radical.

    Well Yesterday (June 25th) was the day before her birthday, so we went to this cute restaurant which mostly serves chocolate related items, and we had chocolate fondue + fruits, smoothies, and chocolate crepes. Afterwards, we walked around, took some fun pictures, and headed to a little cafe...
  14. sonknuck23

    Gaming Ocarina of Time 3DS: Kaepora Gaebora hangin' out.

    Just thought this was kind of funny; Anybody else experience any weird shit with this game? Haha: With 3D Off With 3D On Excellent game, but this is just kind of funny haha.
  15. sonknuck23

    I just discovered Geocaching.

    My friend and I spent all day on this shit, it's pretty radical, plus I find it's lots of fun and we're already planning for tomorrow and lots of finds (hopefully) in our area. It's awesome. I found myself climbing tree's, looking under bushes, having a blast doing it, and I realized this may be...
  16. sonknuck23

    Gaming eShop Prices

    So, my friend was 2 cents short of buying Links Awakening DX. To my disappointment, he explained that when you use a credit card, you have to buy a certain amount of money (5$, 10$, etc.) So he said "I don't feel like spending another 5$ just to get 2 extra cents to buy this game." I got off the...
  17. sonknuck23

    Gaming SSFIV: AE

    I can't find it at all on the PS store, and when I try searching online, I don't see any solid proof of whether it was delayed, or etc. Anyone have any idea?
  18. sonknuck23

    Montreal Tempers

    Although I'm from Nova Scotia, I've been in Montreal for 14 years, and I'm just a little curious as to how many tempers here are in montreal / born montrealers?
  19. sonknuck23

    Conan O'Brien playable in SSBB?

    I saw this, and thought it was rad. I told my girlfriend about it, and she totally didn't even respond, probably 'cause she doesn't like the Cone Zone. Personally, I do. So. . yeah. GSrl162KXWQ
  20. sonknuck23

    What a daaaayyy.

    Yeah, so my girlfriend's rather large italian family is here to visit, and it's becoming horrible in terms of entertainment because her grandmother is here and so is her cousins baby and they're both pretty much complaining non-stop about how bored they are. To make things worse, the aunt is...
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