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  1. ssrpgvita

    Hajime Tabata quits Square Enix, multiple DLC episodes for FFXV cancelled

    thank god this game was utter freaking trash. the development hell it went thru ,it wasnt even final fantasy it was movie if that square is doing this with each new game . They might as well go into movie making with all cgis realistic graphics they do. This is why it takes them decade make...
  2. ssrpgvita

    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    where do i put cheat oflders at?
  3. ssrpgvita

    Hacking Discussion Team Xecuter Attempted to Bribe RetroNX Developers

    theres no proof did you lie bout team exectuer? i dont remember did you make up story for internet fame? i dont remember did u try break into tea mexecctuers home said they raped you? i dont remember. did you have an beer ? i had one 1 beer. go figure you dont rmember u rmeember u had one 1...
  4. ssrpgvita

    Official GBAtemp Review AceNS official GBAtemp review

    does this work on patched switches also like mariko or no?
  5. ssrpgvita

    Hacking How does SX OS Emunand work?

    dumb question so if we make 15gb partition i only have 9gb left to install nsps? so bigger partition u make less space u have install games or the more im confused
  6. ssrpgvita

    Hacking Question about incoming SX OS v6.0 EmuNAND

    hopefullytheres way to uninstall this until it setup right tbh
  7. ssrpgvita

    Hacking TX Announces revolutionary update to SX OS v2.0 with 'EmuNAND' and more

    based on size partition u make for emunand is that how much instlal space u have install xcis or nsps on it or no? sicne this is diffrent then 3ds emunand scene?
  8. ssrpgvita

    Hacking how nintendo stop piracy easily

    plus im running switch sx os cfw
  9. ssrpgvita

    Hacking how nintendo stop piracy easily

    if this is normal nintendo can inc all games use online functionality blocking acess to future nsps then if your linked account is banned game wont launch which is exact point i mtrying to point out
  10. ssrpgvita

    Hacking how nintendo stop piracy easily

    it nly games have online rnakings leaderboards asking i sign in with linked account odd auto slice dice and rice nsp will not launch unless account is linked thats one nsp there many others have online leaderboards does same thing with airplane mode on
  11. ssrpgvita

    Hacking how nintendo stop piracy easily

    noone my nsps will launch if i have account that is unlinked it says i need link my account or game wont launch . Is there way bypass this with dummy account? If not nintendo may have way to block nsps
  12. ssrpgvita

    Firmware Nintendo Switch version 6.0 firmware goes live on September 18th

    how do update to 6.0 i have files no idea where i put the file folders at install manually? 0100000000000816-SysUpdate
  13. ssrpgvita

    Nintendo Direct delayed due to earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan

    omg if it AINT SOMETHING I HATE FALL U HAVE 3 fing mnonths no games then all big nanoucnements happens in fall or games are released hwen u have the goddamn weather catastrophies im in florida we have fing huriricane why dont game devs do this shit in summer when there dorught u neva have stuff...
  14. ssrpgvita

    Hacking Team-Xecuter Announces SX OS v1.7 with Switch Firmware v6.0 compatibility

    what it osunds liek to me is drama shit show except mathielhu not invovled since he was total prick in ps3 scene thank god he nowhere near switch scene him and gary were drama queeens over geohotz work ratted him out
  15. ssrpgvita

    Hacking Team-Xecuter Announces SX OS v1.7 with Switch Firmware v6.0 compatibility

    first off let me put you mother fockers in your place. stolen code what stolen code ? you mean nintendos code since they developed designed switch? nvidia made epxloit due to carelessness , Last i fucking knew atmosphere did not create code for horizon os on switch neither did tx. so if...
  16. ssrpgvita

    EA to host 'Jacksonville Tribute' live stream to raise funds for shooting victims families

    whats sad is i lvie 15-20 mins away form venue it happened as im stationed in jax. i need to move my family is scared go out and have fun after this i keep telling them you cant live your lives in fear thats what all this terrorism does. this was person who was butthurt couldnt win ,shoots...
  17. ssrpgvita

    Hacking Discussion PSA: Do not update to a new firmware immediately (e.g. 6.0)

    really good luck running card 3 games 6.0 introduces new keys good luck getting them its ps3 scene all over again cat and mouse game
  18. ssrpgvita

    Hacking Discussion PSA: Do not update to a new firmware immediately (e.g. 6.0)

    laysmen term nintendo has found way stop piracy everyone who invested is now screwed thats basiclaly what this update is roflmao what an fucking joke scene is dead after it took off.
  19. ssrpgvita

    Hacking BigBlueBox Says All the Other NSPS Are Wrong

    i know exactly what they mean ,I wont say as scene rules are scene rules theres reason why p2p is p2p scene is scene cdnsp should never been put in hands of end users nitnendo iwll have scene dead by end of year cuz end users will kill it. before its over with youll be prasing htem as there...
  20. ssrpgvita

    Hacking my r4i wood is not working?

    yes thanx for helping i figured it out apparently nds flashcarts dont like high capacity sd cards
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