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  1. EddieEddie90

    Hardware PSP shuts off by itself while playing

    Yesterday was playing FFIV CC on my CFW 6.60 Pro PSP 3000, when all of a sudden the console just completely shuts off. After turning it back on it seems it showed the sony logo and stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. The battery was around 60%, at first I thought the battery might have run out...
  2. EddieEddie90

    Gaming If the Wii Shop Channel gets closed, will all the games downloaded from there stop working?

    I know this is kind of a dumb question, with wad manager existing and dozens of wad files dumped over the years the nintendo wii has been active, it's probably not likely, but then again I'm curious
  3. EddieEddie90

    Homebrew I need help creating a Wii U forwarder for SNEEK (HBC app)

    Whenever I create the Wii Homebrew forwarder using TecoMoon's Wii VC Injector, I install it on the console and when I run it the thing just crashes and gives a (DSI) exception. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, any help would be much apreciated.
  4. EddieEddie90

    Hacking [N3DS] It's possible to downgrade from 11.7.0 U to 9.0.0 U?

    I want to keep my 3ds's nand as outdated as possible so I can hack it in the distant future, just in case something happens with the cfw sysnand. Can the downgrade be done? also, there is no info on this matter on plailect's site, I didn't find anything.
  5. EddieEddie90

    Hacking So, I was going to edit the PS2 Classics Compatibility List on the wiki, and then...

    I can't edit the article because a dickhead admin banned my IP adress forever. I was going to add some games to the list that were 100% compatible and hopefully contribute some info to the people around here that make use of the PS2 Classics converter. Anybody know why does this happen or why do...
  6. EddieEddie90

    Hardware PS3 Phat CECHK11 120GB Overheating on PS2 games?

    So... I got a fat PS3 about two weeks ago, and the first thing I noticed when running any game is that the temperature goes from 60° to 80° (even on psx games wtf) and the fan started sounding like a lawn mover. At first I didn't care at all, but after reading thread after thread of PS3 consoles...
  7. EddieEddie90

    Hacking Can I play games I bought off PSN on CFW Rebug 4.82?

    What the title says. I have a lot of PS1 and PS2 Classics I just recently downloaded again from my account into my CFW FAT PS3. Is there any risk by doing so?
  8. EddieEddie90

    Hacking Can't put custom made Ps One tiles on xmb Ps One folder. Why?

    How can I put them in that folder? this is driving me nuts. Two ps one games are on the PS3 folder, when they should be on the Ps One folder.
  9. EddieEddie90

    Gaming Some games that don't appear on the PS Store (For me at least)

    Final Fantasy VII and Arcade Archives: Blazing Star. The other day I found out these two games suposedly are on the store but I could not find them anywhere, not even on the webpage.
  10. EddieEddie90

    Homebrew SaveGame Manager GX formatted my micro SD card. No joke

    So, the other day I was goofing around on the homebrew channel and I thought it would be a good idea to backup all my regular wii saves since I haven't done it on a while, so i ran the app and then started pressing different options on it (because I forgot how to backup the saves... yeah that...
  11. EddieEddie90

    Emulation Snes9xGx and FCEUGX Single ROM loading?

    Back in the day I remember people "releasing" games such as Star Fox and Yoshi's Island for the SNES like regular channels (which were obviously modded emulators which single-loaded one rom in particular). Now I am NOT asking for games or wad files but all I want is to know how can single rom...
  12. EddieEddie90

    Hacking Is it possible to downgrade 5.xx to 4.05?

    I have seen a few shady sites that offers various methods for downgrading but I'm not really sure if they are legit. Anyone knows something?
  13. EddieEddie90

    Gaming 2D platformers on PS4?

    I already located the following ones: - Momodora: Reverie under the moonlight - FEZ - LIMBO - Kero Blaster - Rain World Are there any other classic-looking 2D platformer games out there? (Doesn't matter if they are ports of older games)
  14. EddieEddie90

    Homebrew Wii VC SNES Save converter to .srm?

    I have been looking for a way to convert SNES VC saves (.bin format) to .srm but apparently there is no way of doing this. Somewhere on this site I read of someone who managed to get his SMRPG save converted and working on a snes emulator just by renaming it to .srm but that didn't work for me.
  15. EddieEddie90

    Gaming So... No custom VC injects for Wii U?

    I remember when the wii got hacked (was around 2009-2010 I believe) and as soon as it got jailbreaked everyone started to create custom injected games for it. Why this wasn't the case with the Wii U? which has better potential than the regular wii.
  16. EddieEddie90

    Homebrew [Question] How do I sign iconTex.tga and bootTvTex.tga?

    I want to make my own SNES injections but I seriously didn't get the tutorial by Catmanfan, besides he doesn't explain in detail how it's done. The most important part about doing this is signing the boot screen and icon, and yes, I have read that there is something called app config tool but...
  17. EddieEddie90

    Homebrew Can I install a theme w/MyMenuify on vWii?

    I want to make the sysmenu black like my original wii console. Does mymenuify still works on vwii?
  18. EddieEddie90

    Gaming [Question] When it will be possible to bring Japanese VC titles for the Wii U?

    Such as Final Fantasy IV, V, and F-Zero Climax... or even Mother 3, which are games that are released by now on the japanese eShop.
  19. EddieEddie90

    Hacking (Help) NUS Packer fails to repack loadiine VC games

    EDIT: My bad, the software name is Wii U Installer Packer. Not NUS Packer. So I read somewhere in this website a tutorial on how to convert loadiine ready games to USB format (or the brazilian method, as many like to adress it). At first I couldn't even dump the game from my console with DDD...
  20. EddieEddie90

    Hacking Playing injected NDS games FROM USB on NAND -without- RedNAND

    Question. Is it possible? because if so, i'm going to pass out.
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