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  1. KhenemetHeru

    Hacking Multiman and PS3NetSrv - use mygames.xml instead of scanning every launch?

    As I currently have a huge library of ISO format games I'm serving to my PS3, is there a way to run Multiman and not scan for games every time it starts up? In other words, can I have it do an initial scan and that's it, similar to xbox 360's Aurora behavior, or as I have Webman-Mod set to do...
  2. KhenemetHeru

    Hacking emunand for wiiware on vWii?

    Trying to find a good guide to running wiiware titles thru CFG Loader or USB Loader GX on the vWii installed to emunand, or if someone can walk me thru a setup? I can use either my SD card or HDD (would probably prefer SD card for that, I've got a 32GB in there atm)... I saw in the settings...
  3. KhenemetHeru

    Hacking CFG Loader and Default Game Filtering

    So on the Wii, my CFG loader was set to show Wii games only by default, I used USB Loader GX for the Gamecube games only. On the Wii U's vWii, I can't seem to get that to work. USB Loader is filtering like before, CFG Loader always defaults to show all, even with "filter = Wii" in the config.txt...
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