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  1. isanchez

    Hacking Danger of ban because of cfw

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask what are the dangers of running luma3ds for emulators and twilight? I've been thinking of buying and new 2ds but I remember back before my old 3ds broke a huge ban wave happened that got a lot of people banned including me over using freeshop happened so I wanted...
  2. isanchez

    Homebrew 3ds emulator on android

    So apperently someone decided to port citra onto android
  3. isanchez

    Gaming Yooka laylee on switch game play Hey guys, apperently ign got to play yooka laylee on the switch and I'm a bit surprised that it actually looks good, but then again I have never played any of the other versions, what do you guys think of the quality?
  4. isanchez

    Does anyone here know Verilog that can help me see why my lab won't compile?

    I have a final lab and I have to program a car wash machine in verilog but sadly the course sucked and the class got told to start programming in verilog even though we weren't really tough the syntax and now I have a mess of a code that I can't figure out why it won't run.
  5. isanchez

    Gaming Dell support assist on bootup

    Ok guys so I have this issue with dell supportassist on my laptop, I tried installing Archlinux and after the installation every time I turn on my laptop, I have to press esc to get out of it and the laptop reboots but it goes into dell support assist a 2nd time and wont let me boot into window...
  6. isanchez

    Dual boot with something Ok guys, so I have the computer above and I was thinking of getting mac os on it just for shits and giggles so what do you guys think? Should I do it or should I try some other os? Thanks in advance.:grog:
  7. isanchez

    Hacking Can't boot into Luma3ds 7.1 chainloader

    I have been to update luma and boot9strap to the latest version but when I hold start on boot I can't seem to get the chainloader to pop up so I can get into godmode9 or the boot9strap updater. can someone please help.
  8. isanchez

    Hardware Input lag

    Hi guys, since the recent update to 3.01 I have been having problems with my pro controller. Sometimes at random time the input lags quite a bit and pressing the home button brings up the setting to go into sleep mode and change brightness and that stuff instead of taking me to the home menu...
  9. isanchez

    Hardware Dell i7559-7514GRY

    What do you guys think about this pc, is it something to go on or do you guys know of a better laptop for around $900?
  10. isanchez

    Gaming Streaming and virtual console

    So e3 is already done with and I'm really durprised that there's still not netflix and youtube apps and worst of all vitual console games are still not going to be released, when do you guys think we'll get this things that we should have gotten since release date?
  11. isanchez

    Hardware Optiplex 330 upgrade

    Hello guys, so today I got an dell optiplex 330 as a gift so that got me to think, could I upgrade the optiplex to be a decent gaming pc like the potato masher or would it be better to start from scratch and get everything brand new. Any help is appreciated thank you.
  12. isanchez

    Hacking Nintendo Switch webkit exploit language

    I've been trying to be productive and dig into the nintendo switch webkit exploit that was first released to see what it truly does and even though I tried to read the program I can't seem to understand all of it since at my school java is the one and only programming language that all the...
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