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  1. MarioFanatic64

    ROM Hack [Release] Super Mario: Endless Earth - Open-World Mario!

    Super Mario: Endless Earth is my fifth and final New Super Mario Bros. hack.1 This hack contains: -An open-world overworld that is 16128x8192 pixels in size. (2,016 screen sizes in-game) -A soundtrack containing over 35 melodies, from classic tunes to brand new works. -Over 30 themed...
  2. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming So E3's in a month... your wishlist?

    NINTENDO E3 2015 What to expect: Star Fox (Wii U) - teased at last year's E3, confirmed 2015 release date. Super Mario Maker (Wii U) - playable at Best Buy locations throughout E3. Nintendo World Championships 2015 - A bunch of people in one country run unopposed in a World Championship by...
  3. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming What's the download size of the new Streetpass update?

    What the title says. I've been looking for the info online but no news article, website or other forum I've visited has bothered to mention it. I'm asking because my monthly internet data limit is about to cap and since the Mario Kart DLC is arriving in a couple days I have to be smart with my...
  4. MarioFanatic64

    ROM Hack Super Mario: Endless Earth - Demo v0.03a Release

    Download Link: Super Mario: Endless Earth is my fifth and potentially final New Super Mario Bros. hack. As such, this hack will be treated with the utmost effort and quality, to represent how far I've come from a huge noob that made the first...
  5. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming Could somebody with Mario Kart DS on VC verify this?

    Is there any way at all to play multiplayer with the VC version of Mario Kart DS? Whether it be online multiplayer, or even Single/Multi-Card Download Play with actual DS consoles? Perhaps some form of local play with Pro Controllers? For $13 I wouldn't expect much, especially since they didn't...
  6. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming One save per Amiibo? That's Stupid

    So by this point we know that Mario Party 10 supports amiibo, and that it reads and writes data to the amiibo, which makes it the only game to do so other than Smash Bros.. Though it seems if you're intent on not buying the same character's amiibo twice, you're screwed if you want to keep your...
  7. MarioFanatic64

    ROM Hack New Super Mario Advance! (SMB2 Remake + More!)

    Well, surprise everyone! I've been working on this hack ever since finishing Clone Tag Team 2 with the intention of surprising everybody with it once New Year's Day rolls around. And well, in Australia the clock just rolled over to 12. New Super Mario Advance is a full remake of Super Mario...
  8. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming Post your SSB Mii Fighters here!

    Basically what the title says. Now that the 3DS version is live worldwide I really want to see some interesting Mii Fighters from funny stuff to cool pop-culture refs. I've made Mii Fighters of the Happy Mask Salesman and Trollface and I'll post them once I'm arsed to screenshot.
  9. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming A new Mario game is already in development

    That is, according to the Mariowiki, sourced from this article. This is how I interpret this news: -It's NOT a 2D Mario. It has been clearly stated in the past that there'll only be one 2D Mario per console, both Wii U and 3DS have had their 2D Mario. So we're probably looking at a new 3D...
  10. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming Mario 64 successor may be next Wii U Mario

    Super Mario 64 is, without question my favourite game. Having it been my first experience with 3D environments and the amount of time spent growing up as I collected all those stars, I for one have been disappointed by the lack of effort to produce a true successor, and the recent new direction...
  11. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming Mario Kart U: Retro Cup Wishlist/Expectations List

    I had a thread like this a while back for Mario Kart 7, so I might as well do the Wii U one too, given announcement is under 20 days away. This time, I'm not only having a wishlist, but also your realistic expectations. Meaning, no tracks used before. So I might as well start with mine...
  12. MarioFanatic64

    Hardware A Wii-to-vWii Transfer question that's (probably) unique.

    I'm sorry if someone has had this same situation but I didn't want to fish through the other mllion transfer questions. Alright, I'll try to keep this short. Two years ago, old White Wii stopped reading discs, so I installed the Homebrew Channel having nothing to lose. So I then buy shiny...
  13. MarioFanatic64

    ROM Hack The NSMB DS Hacks Wiki

    After a little discussion, I've begun a Wiki so NSMB hackers can document everything possible about their hacks, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The main goal of this wiki is to be used as a tool to promote the various NSMB hacks being made/finished by the NSMB Hackers from around the world...
  14. MarioFanatic64

    Hardware A question about EB Games' pricematching. (Australia)

    I just lay-buyed a Premium Pack Wii U this morning at EB Games for $428, with $50 paid. Tomorrow I am going into Big W to get their catalogue, which has the Premium Pack for only $358 to price match with my EB Games lay-buy. But I have a few concerns. I'm assuming that Big W price is only a...
  15. MarioFanatic64

    ROM Hack NSMB5: Clone Tag Team 2

    That's right! Clone Tag Team 2 is on it's way. I've been meaning to create a thread here for a while, but I've been working on the sequel to Clone Tag Team for about two months now. Unlike the first Clone Tag Team, I am designing the levels to keep the Clone-related glitches to a minimum, the...
  16. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming Virtual Console/3D Classics wishlist.

    Post here whatever Virtual Console/3D Classics game you want Nintendo to make, no matter how bizzare or unlikely!! (As long as it is possible) HEY NINTENDO!! HERE'S WHAT WE WANT!! 3D CLASSICS: 3D Classics: A Boy and his Blob 3D Classics: Gradius 3D Classics: Life Force 3D Classics: Mario...
  17. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming Virtual Console/3D Classics wishlist.

    What Virtual Console/ 3D Classics game would you like to see in the near future? I would like to see a 3D Classics: Super Mario World and some SNES and N64 Virtual Console (If it's possible...) What about you??
  18. MarioFanatic64

    Hardware My "L" Button is dying.

    For the last month, my L button has began to stop working on occasion, and it's getting worse. There's about a 1 in 25 chance that when I press L, it will actually work. My 3DS is still under warranty and I was wondering if I could get this repaired or if it counts as "Wear and Tear" so the...
  19. MarioFanatic64

    Gaming Erm... Where's the extra Puzzle Swap panels?

    After updating my 3DS today, I noticed the promised puzzle swap panels have not appeared. Everything else has appeared and there was not even a single new puzzle. I get that you don't get them straight away, and that you'll probably have to streetpass people to get missing panels, but shouldn't...
  20. MarioFanatic64

    ROM Hack New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team

    New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team OFFICIAL WEBSITE: OFFICIAL THREAD: DOWNLOAD LINK (v1.3): (.nmp patch, apply to a NSMB rom with the NSMB Editor, go to for it.)...
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