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  1. Kawo

    ROM Hack Devil Survivor 2 Codes

    I searched a bit on the net for codes and found this thread, really useful. But someone posted a certain J code and now I'm curious of its effect. What happens when you summon the schoolgirl of doom in the Japanese version? Oh, and if someone can help me to find the code for buying every demon...
  2. Kawo

    Gaming Region Locked Games List

    I was thinking of buying new games for my 3DS on some online stores (lower prices) but I remembered the damned region lock. I know is not valid for every game out but I don't want buy a useless card or format everytime I want to play it (a really stupid method if you think about it) then I'm...
  3. Kawo

    Gaming Mii Gallery

    This is a gallery for Mii, your avatar on the 3DS and the Wii. Thanks to the QR Code your Mii can go around on the Net really easy. Post your QR Code image. They are not mine bit I hope they will protect you ( or send you to Hell really...REALLY fast) and your pricey console. Guess who are...
  4. Kawo

    Gaming Custom AR Cards

    I have seen videos and photo of guys with customized AR cards with things Nofriendo will NEVER use. That means a program can make the cards the user wants, someone can help me find it? Example: I want a shirt of this, I will give it...
  5. Kawo

    Gaming Stand Di Prova 3DS in Italia

    Ciao compatrioti sono un italiano e oggi ho trovato per caso uno stand di prova del 3DS al iper-mercato "Porte Di Roma" (ovviamente a Roma). Non avevo idea che avevano deciso di organizzarsi in quel modo, è stata una piacevole sorpresa. Andavo di fretta e quindi ho potuto provarlo per poco...
  6. Kawo

    Gaming 3DS Photo Trade

    I was thinking about the two cameras in front of the 3ds, they can make 3D photo and you can see them whenever you want on you console ok? Then the question popped in my mind, have they done the same error of the DSi? Can I trade my photos with a friend this time? I know Nintendo limited the DSi...
  7. Kawo

    ROM Hack BlazBlue: Battle x Battle

    Blazblue will make his Nintendo debut on the DSiware. Chance to see this game out in the US are low. And pretty close to Ø for the EUR. Then my question. Is possible to take a DSiware game and cracking the hell out of it for making a flashcart play it without problems? Is different from the...
  8. Kawo

    Gaming Phantasy Star Zero Pizzeria/Bakery

    I have searched the shops for days without success, I am tired. Then I am requesting a code for making show up the two shops on the field. I think other players are in my condition. Someone can post photo of the two shops and how is made the map they appear? Maybe that will help.
  9. Kawo

    Hacking Loaders

    Someone can tell me where download the latest loaders for akaio? I can't wi-fi.
  10. Kawo

    Hacking Acekard2i VS M3iZero vs ???

    I have searched the forum but no answer was enough good. Then I'll make the question. What flashcard is better? I am searching a card with 100% compatibility or near with every DS & DSI game. I hear everywhere Nintendo must still make a game only for the DSI and then we don't know if this card...
  11. Kawo

    Gaming Element Hunters

    The game straight from the anime. Official Site Trailer Screenshot Seeing the trailer I can say Bandai have mixed Phantasy Star 0 and Kingdom Hearts...
  12. Kawo

    Gaming Rune Factory 3

    Why no one is talking about this??? A lot of new girls and races, I am already in chaos, I can't decide. I hope the horn(y) girl is a possible love interest. But the fish-girl seems...
  13. Kawo

    ROM Hack Devil Survivor Persona

    Is possible hack the SMT:DS rom and put the images of Thanatos, Orpheus and Messiah in the game? Exchanging a low rank demon for another like Shiva, Ym or Pixy, changing the name and ta-da, a good game game is 30% more good. Messiah:
  14. Kawo

    Gaming .Hack//DS

    Today CyberConnect2 is making the official presentation. Hoping in some video or in-game pics.
  15. Kawo

    Gaming Requesting Avalon Code Savefile

    My savefile have corrupted for cheat abuse after the fire dragon, can someone upload or send me their file please? Thanks for all.
  16. Kawo

    Gaming Phantasy Star Zero Q&A

    This is a topic for players. Ask what you want know. Begin: If you use a ROM and the game don't work you must patch it or use the cheat code. NOTE: don't use ROMs and buy the game I don't take any credits for what follow, search the net and you can find the same things, but in different...
  17. Kawo

    Hacking MP3 in-game

    After the in-game text reader what is the odds for this?
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