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  1. miruki

    ROM Hack Pokemon Card Game Asobikata DS

    The rules have had littles changes from the earlier version tho, B&W added a few more rules, got rid of others etc... but the online Pokemon TCG is pretty awesome, I rarely have time to play tho. ;_;
  2. miruki

    Hardware I have few questions,...

    But I bet it would be possible to add a feature like copying the savefile to the SD card via a firmware update.
  3. miruki

    Gaming US imported vita with uk debit/credit card

    Oh yes, non-US Paypal doesn't work, you can only pay via Credit Card from outside the US..
  4. miruki

    Wii #2882 - Pandora's Tower (Europe)

    I completely forgot this was gonna get released this month... but, yay. XD
  5. miruki

    Gaming Phantasy Star Online 2 VITA Hype Thread

    Uhh.. I think people started hyping games like Diablo 3 way sooner.... ;> I'm not much of an Phantasy Star fan, but this might be interesting on the Vita. From what I've seen so far I can at least say I'm intrigued. :>
  6. miruki

    Hardware Err a little concerned...

    It's only noticeable if the Vita is on and showing a black screen - like most games loading screens. Whenever something is actually shown you won't notice a thing. I'm not really sure, as I've only been playing one game lately, but I think my pattern varies depending on the game as well. 8)
  7. miruki

    ROM Hack Tales of Innocence English ver

    Would be stupid of them to look at 3DS sales when considering the localisation of a PS Vita game tho. ^^;
  8. miruki

    Hacking [UPDATE][Released] PSN INFINITY v2 – Open Beta

    Program crashes/closes automatically (without any error message) after I click on any of the PS3/PSVita/PSP tabs... v1.01 instantly closes after logging into the PSN, I can log in via guest account but program shuts down again when clicking on any of the tabs. I'll try install that OpenSSL...
  9. miruki

    Gaming US imported vita with uk debit/credit card

    If you do decide to make an US account, you won't be able to use a non-US-card for payment. But you can easily order PSN store codes via Bestbuy, that's what I do when I'm in need of PSN games, due to the time difference it most of the time takes a few hours until I get the e-mail with the...
  10. miruki

    Gaming PokéPark 2

    I think I already talked to her twice after befriending her but didn't see the option, I think - but I'll try that again later just to be sure. :)
  11. miruki

    Gaming PokéPark 2

    I really like the game so far, have been playing it with my son the past few days... we just started over since the German version came out yesterday and my son enjoys it a lot more when the Pokemon say the names he's used to from watching the German dub of the anime. ;> I've never played the...
  12. miruki

    ROM Hack Atelier Lina ~The Alchemist of Strahl~

    Definitely the best of the 3 Atelier games for the DS.. :) I'd really love to see this translated and I could help out with image editing and help look up official translations for item names etc. :)
  13. miruki

    Wii #2873 - PokÃPark 2: Wonders Beyond (Europe)

    I'm halfway through the US version, but will start over with the German one again, due to the lack of English knowledge of my 6 year old. I got the game for him, but amazingly I've been playing about 50% of the 15 hours we played so far. It's far more fun than I expected it to be and I'm kinda...
  14. miruki

    Gaming Post Your Vita Home Screen!

    Made a few more backgrounds, if anyone's interested: :)
  15. miruki

    DS #DSi 0195: Pokemon + Nobunaga no Yabou (Japan)

    Ohh, oh.. I want to try it.. too bad won't have my DS until next week! ;_;
  16. miruki

    Gaming What do you expect from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2?

    I'd like to mention at this point I'd prefer you call me "she" instead of "he" when you quote me. ;> I obviously used my argument to point out that your argument is completely stupid. You simply don't know "the majority" and you base your opinion on what the majority of those you know or the...
  17. miruki

    Gaming What do you expect from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2?

    I'm 26 already and also still hooked, or at least still interested, and my son is totally into the TV series and the games... ^^; I'm totally intrigued in a direct sequel, I was already quite happy about the intro movie in B/W and that there was some more focus on story compared to the other...
  18. miruki

    Temper Pics - Post Them Shits Up, Son

    This reminds me that I still have to paint my room and draw a crack in time & space on the wall.. and handcraft a Tardis lamp for the ceiling.. 8)
  19. miruki

    Gaming What do you expect from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2?

    I quit Soul Silver halfway through while I played Black once and then White twice (the second time together with my son, which was more him playing and me reading what's happening, since he can't read yet ;>) - so I'd definitely say get White! And as for the Pokenerds not liking B/W, I've gotta...
  20. miruki

    Gaming Touch My Katamari!

    Well, I loved the first two, especially 2, which was my first Katamari game, since I haven't played the PSP & PS3 version the lack of new content in Touch My Katamari isn't such a big deal to me, I'm just happy to be able to play Katamari on my Vita wherever I want. I hope they'll release more...
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