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    Windows 11 Will Make it Mandatory to Have a Microsoft Account to Log In

    I don't mind using my live account to login what I do mind is that without a local account auto login is impossible. It keeps asking for a PIN or some BS. if auto login was possible I wouldn't mind.
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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    Noob here, trying to exploit my ps4 pro but even using the provided DNS, when opening the User Guide, manual, I get Error coudln't resolve host name. Is there any other public DNS that I can use?
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    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock at the Oscars

    A man rely on his fists when the brain can't come up with nothing better.
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    Hacking The different WiiU game's formats, and how to convert them

    Thanks. I'll keep everything encrypted. It's 3TB and I don't want to waste another 3TB just for the same content decrypted. Maybe in the future CEMU can implement cdecrypt into it. Or if loadiine could load from USB, decrypted content would be the way to go but there are limitations to each...
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    Hacking The different WiiU game's formats, and how to convert them

    It's been a while since I touched my WiiU. I'm backing up the WiiU library but I don't want to waste space with redundancy. Decrypted content can be played on CEMU, which is something I want. But as far as I know decrypted content (code/meta) can't be installed on a WiiU. It used to be...
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    Ocarina of Time fan PC port expected to release in April

    4k @120 fps and widescreen would be fantastic.
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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    I have a PS4 on 5.05 that I don't need WIFI to run the exploit. It's stored in my browser cache, so all I have to do is open the browser and it will refresh the last page I visited with Mira and the exploit is running. Now I have a second PS4 and it's a PS4 Pro on firmware 9.00. I've read...
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    RGH3 Chipless Glitching!!

    Is it a 2 wire mod? I have a RGH with a chip. Would be interesting to understand what you need to do to go from chip to chipless.
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Those patches did not work I got it working using this: I believe my hekate_ipl.ini was wrong, now it's booting the games :))
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    I'll try that asap, something come up and I can't use the switch right now but I would like to thank you for your help.
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    I use AIO switch updater and I let it grab the sigpatches. But it has 2 options fusee primary and hekate. Is it possible to have both sigpatches for both hekate and fusee primary? I don't think anything is corrupted because I can play everything just fine if chainloading fusee primary but get...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    duplicate post, my bad
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    So, I have my switching updated to 13.0.0 latest hekate BUT.. because of the drama with Tinfoil I started using fusee primary. So I use the PC to load hekate and from hekate I select fusee primary, I guess this is chainlinking or chainloader, right? Ok.. so.. every game I installed if I boot...
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    Hacking Extracting Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze OST

    It's been forever since I wrote that. I have no memory of how I did it in the end but right now I have the files but in .wav which was the solution I've found to keep it with the highest possible quality while being able to stream it to my AV receiver over DLNA. The soundtrack is indeed...
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    Homebrew RELEASE AIO Switch Updater - Update CFW, Sigpatches, FW and cheats directly from the Switch

    Wish I've found this months ago. Thank you for this tool!
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Ok, and manually, you mean just placing the new hekate_ctcaer_5.5.5.bin into the payloads folder? Or there are any more files that need to be updated besides that one?
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Hey, question about updating. I know I can update sigpatches and atmosphere from an app that I can't remember the name now. The firmware I can update with choidujournx. Is there any app that can automatically update hekate?
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    Homebrew OPEN_AGB_FIRM discussion thread

    Hypervisor like a virtual machine? Does this mean GBA is emulated inside a VM on the 3DS? I figured the 3DS actually had the DS and GBA hardware inside. Just like the PS2 has a complete PS1 inside.
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