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  1. gumbyx84

    Hacking Odd Request: Looking for scan or picture of EZ Flash Jr label

    Title says is all. I got my EZ Flash Jr in this week and found the label wasn't installed. Misapplied it and when I tried to remove it the label started to tear from the adhesive. Would anyone be able to help an OCD guy out and provide a good scan or picture of their label so I can print a...
  2. gumbyx84

    Android Looking for inexpensive (≤$200) for PS4 remote play

    Hey all. I'm looking for an inexpensive tablet for PS4 remote play at home, streaming video, and some emulation. Sadly my Fire HD 10 (2019) has laggy input with the Sony app and Chiaki (tested by jumping in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night). It's not my router as this doesn't happen with my...
  3. gumbyx84

    Hacking Connect PSP running 6.39 pro-b10 to PS3

    I'm trying to connect my PSP (running 6.39 PRO-B10) to my ps3 so I can copy over some PSX games. It says I have to update my software. I know PSNKiller used to get around this, but not sure if it works or not. Anyone know how I can get this to work? I'm having issues downloading them directly to...
  4. gumbyx84

    ROM Hack Pokemon B/W: Possible to extract game sync ID?

    I'm trying to figure out if its possible to extract a Global Link Game Sync ID from a game save then inject it into a new one. I want to start my game over (as most people do), but I don't want to loss all my progress in the DW. I'd also like to inject it into ROM Hacks for the same reason. I...
  5. gumbyx84

    Hardware Charge time using Power Pak+ Charing Cradle

    Battery was about to die on my 3DS today while browsing the eShop (big surprise) and I was about to put it on the cradle when I decide to just plug in the AC cord so I could keep browsing. I left it plugged into the AC adapter when I was done. Took a nap and woke up 4 hours later to find the...
  6. gumbyx84

    Hacking Best CFW for PSP 2K?

    I'm looking to upgrade my PSP 2K (Running 5.50-Prot4) to a newer CFW release. From what I have seen, the two "major" CFWs right now are Pro and ME. Can anyone help explain the major differences between the two? By the looks of it, PRO seems to be the better choice, but I think I read on QJ that...
  7. gumbyx84

    Hardware Tips on cleaning 3DS

    My 3DS screens are all covered in smudges. Anyone know of a good way to clean them off? I've used a micro-fiber cloth, but it just leaves more smudges. Will a monitor micro-fiber cloth and LCD screen cleaner be enough and not damage the screen? I still have nightmares of using Windex on my...
  8. gumbyx84

    Gaming System Transfer App

    I haven't seen a thread about this, so thought I'd start one. Post any info on System transfer that you guys know and any questions you guys have about it here. Stuff to Note:Sadly, save data isn't transferred over. This is bull in my opinion, but thankfully I wasn't that far in Shantae anyway...
  9. gumbyx84

    Hardware Looking for good gaming-grade router

    My router has been screwing up for the past few months and I've finally decided to pick up a new one to replace it. I want to get a router that can handle HD streaming and wireless gaming as I will have my PS3, 360, DSL, XL, 3DS and laptops running of it. Can anyone recommend a decent b/g/n...
  10. gumbyx84

    Gaming Problems getting Eevee-lution on GTS

    Has anyone had any issues downloading their promo Eevee-lution from the Global Link? I know I played the game and "won" one a Flareon, but when I log into my Global Link account and go to the Promotions section it says "I know the promotion was only for a limited time". Have no idea why its not...
  11. gumbyx84

    Hardware Werid issue with Nyko Power Pak +

    This is the second time this has happened to me and I was wondering if it has happened to anyone else. I had 2 bars of battery last night, so I shut off my 3DS and put it in its charger. When I turned it on this morning, the light was green (meaning it was charged), but when I turned it on I...
  12. gumbyx84

    Gaming Looking for good Action-RPGs

    I starting to get bored waiting for OoT3D, so I've started looking for some used games at EB Games/Gamestop. I came across some gems (Space Bust-A-Move, Viewtiful: Double Trouble, Soul Bubble, and New Zealand Story Revolution), but I can't seem to find any decent action RPGs. I've played all the...
  13. gumbyx84

    Hardware NDS/DSi hard case fits 3DS?

    I recently found this hard case at EB/GS and was wondering if it would it the 3DS. I know the dimensions of the 3DS are close to the DSi, but the inserts are "fitted" to the console. If its a little loose that is fine. Im worried that it won't fit at all (I have the Nyko Power Pak+ installed)...
  14. gumbyx84

    PS1/2 Difficulty hex editing PS2 game save?

    I'm trying to find out how difficult it would be to hex edit a PS2 save. I can semi-easily get my hands on the save file as it is saved on my PS3. Problem is I'm not sure if the PS2 save file for PS2 digital memory card is encrypted or compressed. If it is, it would be very difficult to edit...
  15. gumbyx84

    Gaming Differences between DSL models

    Does anyone know if there is any differences between different models of the DSL? By models I mean the different colors and special editions. In particular, the golden Zelda DSL that came with Phantom Hourglass compared to the Cobalt Blue & Black DSL. I'm looking into getting a "new" DSL to...
  16. gumbyx84

    Hacking Proper way to update Wii channels?

    I just updated my Wii to 4.1U and want to update my channels (mainly the shopping channel). I found two ways of doing it: WiiSCU and DOP-Mii/DOP-SHOP. Sadly I can't find a current release of either of them. Is it safe to use the older releases? If not, what is the best way to update them?
  17. gumbyx84

    Hacking True fix for 5.50 Gen-D save bug?

    I recently ran into the corrupt save bug found in 5.50 Gen-D and started looking for a fix. I found a few homebrew apps that claim to fix the problem, but they all cause problems with older save files. Was there ever a "real" fix for this problem beyond ripping and repackaging the save with...
  18. gumbyx84

    Hacking Best site to order NDS Backup Adapter Plus

    I'm looking into buying a NDS Backup Adapter Plus as I've gotten to the point where I need a easy/simple way to dump saves from and copy back to my retail carts. I know ConsoleSource has them, but I've never heard of them before this and not sure how reputable they are. Does anyone know of any...
  19. gumbyx84

    Homebrew GBC emulator that can display SGB border

    As the title states, I'm trying to find a GBC emulatorhat can support GBC games while showing the SGB border. There are a few emulators on the PC and Mac that do this, but I can't seem to find one for GBA and DS. Best example of what Im looking for is below. Does such an emulator exist?
  20. gumbyx84

    Hacking Wait to upgrade to an enhanced DSi card?

    I'm thinking of upgrading from my AceKard 2i so I can have GBA emulation on my XL. ATM we only have the DSTwo, but soon the CycloDS iEvolution and iSmart MM will be out. Should I wait until both the iEvo and iSmart MM are released before make a decision? We don't know if they will be better or...
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