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    Almost All Flash Kits Blocked Permanently

    Queens, from the Flash Gordon album?
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    DS #4480: Ochaken no Heya DS 4 - Ochaken Land de Hotto Shiyo? (Japan)

    I think it actually means "twist donut" (swiss is written ???)
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    Gaming Computer screens

    Make sure you get a resolution of at least 1920x1080 for 1080p. Read a few reviews and make sure it has good contrast and reaction times. Make sure it has all the inputs/outputs you want. Monitor speakers suck, so prefer one without built-in speakers.
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    Wii #1623 - Hula Wii: Motto Jouzu no Fura o Odorou!! (Japan)

    Nope, only wiimote is needed. Hula ahead!
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    Wii #1623 - Hula Wii: Motto Jouzu no Fura o Odorou!! (Japan)

    Correct title: Hula Wii: Tanoshiku Fura wo Odorou! MUST HAVE (for drunk parties with the ladiez ;-) ) edit: subtitles: Nataasha to Issho ni Motto Jouzu ni Fura wo Odorou! (right side) Mii de mo Odorero yo! (left side)
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    Wii #0762 - Summer Athletics (Europe)

    Finally another good wii game!
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    Gaming Seperating 1 Folder over 2 DVDs.

    Write an installer that asks for both DVD's and installs the complete folder to the local HD (like a game), lol
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    Gaming Convincing?

    I've flagged it "best of craigslist" just for fun, maybe it'll help you :-) But I've got no idea how normal, "un-smart" people think.
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    application switches

    I had a look at the website, and they don't even have online documentation... Looks like the tool could be easily replaced by better, more specialized tools, like: startup manager: msconfig or startup control panel antispyware: spybot encryption: truecrypt file cleaner: crapcleaner etc.
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    Hardware Suggestions of NEW COMPUTER BUILD

    It looks good, I'd probably invest in a better speaker system and exchange the cpu for a Q6600 which is about the same price, and should easily overclock to at least 3GHz with stock fan. Do you really need a SLI-capable motherboard? I have no idea if raidmax is a good brand (is their integrated...
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    Gaming getting rid of computer components

    if it's older than 2-3 years you'll only get peanuts for it, better to use it for networked storage or give it to a friend. if you sell it i guess it's better to sell the whole package as an internet pc than to sell each component seperatly (if it's really old). if it's new then try ebay or...
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    Post a picture of your desktop!

    Neither, Debian Sid (unstable).
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    Gaming good PC games

    Deus Ex has to be the FPS with the most freedom for the player on the market (still). The graphics are dated, but the gameplay is much better than Deus Ex 2 (which was developed for consoles and then ported to PC). You have as much freedom as in GTA, but it's backed up by a good story and FPS...
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    application switches

    Probably you'll find them in the application's help/doc ? Which app is it?
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    Gaming good PC games

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind w/ mods (much better than Oblivion IMO, plus it runs on my puny PC) Baldur's Gate II Deus Ex GTA (the original) Sid Meier's Civilization (the series) Alpha Centauri Enemy Territory Monkey Island I & II Planescape: Torment Cave Story Portal I'm not really...
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    Gaming Home LAN

    For XP: how to share a printer and your files
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    Gaming PC Build

    I know you can always wait for better hardware, but right now I'd really recommend you to wait 1-2 months until the new nvidia/ati gpus are out. Even if you stick with the last gen, they'll probably get cheaper. Otherwise it's looking good, have fun! ;-)
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    Questions about A+ and MSCE certifications

    If you want some study materials, do a search for "testking" or "comptia" on binsearch if you have ng access, or your fav. p2p app (torrents, etc). I heard that these tests are quite easy if you study a bit.
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