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    ROM Hack Help spoof versions / create fake [update] cia's for game Hacks (i.e., Pokemon)

    I use 3 hacked games on my 3DS: Pokemon Setting Sun (Pokemon Ultra Sun) Pokemon Eternal X (Pokemon X) The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Project Restoration They all need to use v1.0 of their respective game. Therefore, I always have a nagging "This game has an update" whenever the game is...
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    Hacking Vita-PS4 Remote Play (over Internet) Using Unactivated PS4 Console?

    Was there any progress on this thread? I want to remote play my PS4 games on my Vita without having to do the direct connection route (which sucks to a hilarious degree--you have to be like 5 feet away from the console max, and...
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    Hacking Desperate Enough for FFXV Royal Pack fpkg to Buy Own PS4 -- Possible for me to Upload?

    Hey so what if I bought a legit PS4 and bought the Royal Pack DLC from PSN? Could I then dump and share the pkg somehow? Or would the only possible way to dump the pkg be to have the legal pkg on a 5.05 console? Royal Pack DLC came out March 6, 2018, just before the March 8 5.50 update, so it...
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    Homebrew Hack/plugin for stretching top screen to fill screen in DS mode?

    UPDATE: This became possible (for some games) 4 months after I made this post using TWiLight Menu++ (which allows you to run standard DS games off your internal Micro SD!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Ctrl+F and look for "3DS/2DS: Playing in Widescreen". FYI, a compatibility list .txt of games that can run...
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    Best NON-PC (a.k.a. game console) N64 emulator

    I kinda dislike playing emulators on PC, but N64 emulators off of PC (especially good ones) seem to be few and far between. Is there any N64 console emulator that ever reached a near-finished state? EDIT: Well, it doesn't let me delete threads...I found out about Not64 on the Wii and the...
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    Hacking Hack to prevent theme wallpaper fadeout each screen transition?

    Is there a homebrew/hack to prevent my wallpaper fading out every time I transition to a new screen? All my screens use the same wallpaper with my theme so it's silly for there to be a fade-out/fade-in of my theme's wallpaper at all.
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    Hacking Safely remove system app bubbles/edit app.db on 3.68?

    Hi, I found some guides like in this very forum: ("Editing your 'app.db'") And also some others:
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    Hacking Cannot access eShop after Region Change from EU to US

    Hi, I've got a European 3DS XL I want to region change from EU region to US region. (Please do not argue with me about why I don't need to & tell me I can play any region game I want, etc. I just want to do this.) The first time through, I followed this guide...
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    Gaming Request: Create functional PSX EBOOT of this English patch?

    There's a pre-patched EBOOT of Brigandine Grand Edition out there available for download. The patches come from the starting post of this thread: There are 3 possible English patches for the game. English Menus English Subtitles...
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    Hardware [Old] 3DS XL complete disassembly/reassembly - Where do these pieces go?

    I'm doing a complete disassembly/reassembly of my OLD 3DS XL. Some parts flew out during disassembly, and now that I'm on the "reassembly" phase, I'm not sure where a couple of those parts go. Could someone tell me, preferrably with pictures, where these 2 pieces go in the 3DS XL? Angle 1...
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    Hacking Pandora PSP 1000 battery to borrow/buy?

    Hi guys, maybe this isn't the right place to ask, but my friend bricked his PSP 1001 when he tried to softmod it. :[ I see it might be pretty easy to mod his OEM battery into a Pandora battery, but I was hoping to find someone who'd let me borrow one or let me purchase theirs for about $5 bucks...
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    Homebrew "o3DS is not powerful enough to stream video." Ok...What about just recording local video?

    I've read through a couple threads (the updated release of Snickerstream brought this to mind) and seen some YouTube videos on this topic... They keep saying that streaming homebrew is not available for o3DS models because the o3DS' hardware is incapable of supporting streaming video over WiFi...
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    Hacking Booting into SafeB9SInstaller (magnet) fails - stays on black screen

    I'm following this guide: I am using the 2017 R4i SDHC Gold Pro: Bought from I'm using a regular 3DS XL I successfully flashed ntrboot for cards from...
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    Hacking R4i SDHC Gold Pro Incompatible with newest firmware? (11.6.0-39U)

    I have a 3DS XL 11.6.0-39U. Per the suggestion of a thread I read on here a couple weeks ago, I bought the R4i SDHC Gold Pro from a GBATemp-sponsored site: As you can see, the site claims it is compatible with 3DS XL and version 11.6.0-39U and...
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    Hacking What happened to SD-Boot?

    'Ello! Over a year ago, there was a thread entitled "SD-Boot v1.0 coming soon," February...2010!! What's happened? Assuming the project is dead(!?!?!) and focus is turning only to USB--I'm just speculating, here. I have NO idea where the...
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