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    Remote Memory Editor?

    Hey, Idk if my terminology is correct, but anyway to search through the memory of the Switch and edit from my PC? Like, the Edizon's memory search feature and editor but on PC. Thanks for any help!
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    ROM Hack How to move saves between Emummc and Clean Nand (bonus: How to move Pokemon save to Switch Lite)

    Hey guys, just came across this post on reddit and was wondering if I could get more detail into this. It has to do with Pokemon Sw/Sh "Exactly; if you use emuMMC, you can backup, edit, and inject your save, then go back to stock sysNAND with that very same edited save data. As long as you...
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    ROM Hack Dragon Quest XI Save Editor?

    Anybody know anything? Would be nice
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    ROM Hack Dragon Quest Builders 2 Save Editor?

    Hey! Just wondering if anyone has made one or is making a save editor for Dragon Quest Builders 2? Just a quick google search yields one in Japanese ( Thanks!
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    ROM Hack Question How do I edit Tales of Vesperia's save file?

    I have tried backing up the save using checkpoint, but I don't think the save file it spits out is useful in any way? I've also tried using Sysnetcheat. Even found the Values for Gald and a few Items, but nothing sticks. When I edit Gald the numbers just freak out in game and nothing other than...
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    Hacking NTR Boot Selector Plugin Menu is White...?

    Everybody's screenshot has the plugin menu with this slick black background with CHEATS MENU Example: Mine is is just complete white with some basic black text like the one in this video ... I guess the question is, How do I get the slick black one...
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    Hacking DSi Downgrade questions

    Hey I have an Old O3DSXL (11.2, A9LH) and a brand new N3DS (11.0, Black Friday). Do I need an NNID on the O3DS to buy Legends of Exidia and Transfer it over to my N3DS? Can I buy it, do a Sysnand backup and restore it to get the back back so I don't have to buy it every time I want to Downgrade...
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    ROM Hack Converting .CIA to .3DS?

    I hope this is the right place to ask this. Fairly new to this stuff, so could you please give as much explanation as you can? Thanks!
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