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    RAGE AGainst the Machine Hate!

    My mate rekns rage are a band that mainly goughs like, that they sound whiny, and that they are depressing and not upbeat songs, and that all they do is whine . . well . . this world isnt perfect, maybe we need bands that release anger to help others, it probably reduces crime and all, your...
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    Hi Guys, my dating profile

    Hi fellas, I really need a special boyfriend, i prefer men who own a ds and know how to use their stylus Im a human, and enjoy spanish meatballs sniffing competitions. My special man must enjoy answering the phone and talking in a spanish accent while i hysterically giggle in the background...
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    Eat your Bogies?

    Discuss and vote
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    Favourite RATM song?

    Just saw the linkin park one and thought id do this. Bullet in the head is mine
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    The Offspring

    Has anyone got there new album, and if so is it any good, ive heard hammerhead and it sounds pretty good
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    Social Anxiety/Shyness

    Thought id make this topic after reading the topic of being shy around girls. Ive had it for ages, and its really annoying, a quick explanation of it is: (from Wikipedia The experience is commonly described as having physiological components (e.g...
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    Welcome young travellers, as I am aware you are probably all in the same position, I will introduce you all the same. Secrets are rare, we all search the net in hope to find them, youve come to the right place, you know a secret, share it here, why hide the secrets of life! Now, lets begin...
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    Foreskin or no Foreskin?

    Whos brave enough to venture deep down there pants and take a look, then tell us the results . . are you! Step 1, look down there, if you have a foreskin it should look like: ______________\ÂÂÂÂÂÂ\ ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ**6ÂÂÂÂ| ______________ÂÂÂÂÂÂ | ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ/___/ If you dont...
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    Smearing chocolate upon your nose?

    Has anyone ever done this, if so why?, and if not. . then why not? I actually havent tried it, though it has crossed my mind a few times
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    DS Vs PSP, my youtube rant Dont leave negative comments, because the video is inspirational and i want everyone to get that feeling, you guys deserve it!
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    Vote for your favourite word!!!!

    Some fantastic words will be listed, and you may vote, or add your own!! I guarantee exciement shall take place on this topic, ok . . heres the words!! Pieaca cowdung! Munashne! Tapioka Cakettes Sispot Chicken tiblet burger Morrises hotcakes I would probably go Munashne, but sispot is also...
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    KFC or Sex?

    You sit there in a room, your choice is to have sex with a somewhat good looking person, or a juicy KFC meal that will disapear if you choose the other, what in hell would you do???
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