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  1. Diosoth

    Hardware Nintendont - do I even need actual memory cards?

    Despite having a memory card loaded in slot A, I couldn't find my Metroid Prime 2 save file on it. Turns out that Nintendont was set to emulate the memory card and is saving to the SD card directly. I also can't move that save to the memory card, apparently. I have a 59 and a pair of 251s on...
  2. Diosoth

    Hacking essential DS Lite accessories, besides a flash card

    I've been out of the loop since maybe 2012/2013 when my prior Lite died and I sold it for parts. With the system being dead at retail and accessories going off the aftermarket I want to try and get caught up on potentially useful things for the system I may be overlooking, and catalog things...
  3. Diosoth

    Hacking EZIV folder order issues

    I'm keeping my ROMs separated into 3 folders, problem is these folders refuse to list alphabetically even when created in order. The card is sorting them as such- SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION G-M N-Z SAVER A-F This was the case when I got the device(was purchased used), but even after wiping the...
  4. Diosoth

    Hacking what do I need to know to use a 2i on a DS Lite

    I'd have preferred to buy an AK 2.1 but they are unavailable these days. I settled for a 2i as they're supposed to be Lite compatible. According to the shop I ordered from, "We will update its latest kernel or firmware to support 3DS V4.3.0-10 before shipping it out." What version of AKAIO do I...
  5. Diosoth

    trouble with the CD-ROM plugins for ePSXe

    Thought I'd burn all my Sega CD and PS1 images to CD to get them off the hard drive. No problems whatsoever burning Sega CD games and running them under Fusion. I'm having trouble with ePSXe's CD-ROM. I burned Castlevania SOTN to disc. I know it's good as I can play the ISO flawlessly. I am...
  6. Diosoth

    Gaming problem with DS Lite top screen ribbon cable

    I have a DS Lite I wanted to sell but I'm having issues with the top screen. I've reseated the ribbon cable several times but the connection still seems messed up. The L button will brush up against it or even moving the hinge can break the connection between the cable and motherboard ever so...
  7. Diosoth

    GCN need help burning Gamecube homebrew discs

    I have burn commercial game ISO files to disc just fine, provided the rip is good(lost 2 discs so far to bad ISO rips and I've had issues with Serious Sam Next Encounter that make me suspect a bad ISO- or the game is just buggy, I don't know) but I'm having severe issues with homebrew. I need a...
  8. Diosoth

    GCN best place to get a Xeno GC chip?

    I'm in the market for a chip, I've been putting it off for years... and the Xeno GC looks to be my best bet since it's the one I can find most readily available and looks to be easy to install.. My cheapest option, if I want to wait for overseas delivery, is at $17 shipped. Modchip...
  9. Diosoth

    Gaming top screen is flickering when I press L

    I've had my DS Lite mostly put away and not played for a while, only using it for some GBA games, mostly Wario Ware Twisted. I decided to drag it out yesterday for some DS play and when I turned it on, the top screem was all scrambled. Pressing down around the edges fixed it though. But I...
  10. Diosoth

    Gaming could my top screen be going bad?

    Here's the deal- Lately, I started buying GBA carts as they're getting cheap, so I'm playing them over my EZ-Flash IV, for the most part. Now, I am aware Sword Of Mana has some graphical glitches in it but the past couple of days I've seem some odd flashing on the top screen, not the entire...
  11. Diosoth

    Gaming system startup chime

    Here's the deal- the other day I turned my DS Lite on and the startup chime sound played in an unusual high pitch. This happened with and without headphones, with or without a game on. It happened several times and I could find no obvious hardware reason for this. All other sound effects played...
  12. Diosoth

    Gaming Neighbors From Hell - PC vs DS

    JoWood's Neighbors From Hell was ported to the DS but I believe it's release so far as been limited to Europe. This was a great game series for PC but the DS version doesn't quite compare. For starters, the DS game is actually a port of NFH2: On Vacation. The controls were altered a lot... the...
  13. Diosoth

    ROM Hack unpacking a ROM to get a music rip?

    I want to know how to unpack/disassemble a ROM file solely to rip music from it. My personal interest is the music from Foto Frenzy, the best way to get it is probably going to be the ROM itself. I may use this with other games as well as soundracks aren't always available.
  14. Diosoth

    Hacking battery replacement time?

    right now, using my Acekard on full brightness I'm getting MAYBE 2 hours of battery life before the power light goes red. is this typical of Acekard power drain or is it time for a new battery?
  15. Diosoth

    Hacking ? about power switches from replacement shells

    I used a pink power slider switch from a shell kit in my Lite case mod. Several times now I've had the thing get "stuck" by being pushed inwards. I think it was caused by the foam in the Psyclone case pushing in on the sides. Examining a pink and white slider to my OEM black slider I see the...
  16. Diosoth

    Hacking Are these shell kits REALLY silver?

    In my hunt for a silver battery cover I might have to buy a full kit as Nintendo doesn't sell silver battery covers. They sell other colors but NOT silver... point being, are these kits sold by DX really silver or will they random color me? These...
  17. Diosoth

    Hacking mini-review of the Psyclone "Premier Pack" storage kit

    I found this at Target this morning on sale for $6.98, solving my needs of a new DS Lite storage option. Here's what I think of it... The case itself is solid black with chrome corner trim. It's metal, likely aluminum and a "raised bump" texture which is a bit uncomfortable to touch. The handle...
  18. Diosoth

    Hacking best DS game storage option?

    I want a hard plastic case to keep my games in. I have few... my best choice would be the old Intec "Ultimate Game Case" which holds 8 DS games, 3 GBA games and a spare battery but I can't find those for any sort of decent price online and the slots may not hold an EZ-Flash IV. The next best...
  19. Diosoth

    Hacking Top shell piece slightly curved- possible fix?

    The outer piece of the top screen shell from a replacement kit I've installed has a very slight curve to it. It's noticable when the system is closed. I have an idea to possible correct this but- there is a fair amount of strong double-sides adhesive included with these kits. The top screen...
  20. Diosoth

    Hacking Questions about case replacement

    I've ordered my new DS Lite shell replacement from DX and the order has shipped. As I plan to leave the black face panels around the screens as-is in my replacement(will be custom colored using 2 kits + existing parts), will it be totally necessary to remove the ribbon cables? Do I even need to...
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