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  1. 210modz

    Donald Trump announces he has COVID-19

    I see he's still living rent free in yall's heads.
  2. 210modz

    Hacking using both SXOS and atmosphere with same EMUNAND

    You can use a separate emunand for sx os atmosphere. That's how I was setup at one point. You need to create the sx os emunand first then you can resize the fat32 partition leaving the correct sized partition unformatted as the last partition. You can then use emutool to restore either a nand...
  3. 210modz

    Hacking Question Switching from s$ OS to Atmosphere

    It works no different using sx gear and a chip and you don't risk bricking your chip by flashing a firmware that wasn't really made for it and hasn't gone through a whole lot of testing.
  4. 210modz

    Hacking Question Switch black screens and shuts off when trying to use Haku33

    Factory resetting does not give you a clean slate at all. If your nand is dirty it is dirty. You should have ran emunand and kept sysnand clean.
  5. 210modz

    Hacking Question Switching from s$ OS to Atmosphere
  6. 210modz

    SX OS v3.0.5 BETA is now available and is fully compatible with Super Mario 3D All-Stars

    You look like a silly fanboy arguing facts. Your profile should say fabricator not developer.
  7. 210modz

    SX OS v3.0.0 update leaked ahead of official release

    He made similar comments when SX OS was released and he got nowhere. He's just a big baby that believes everyone should worship him. It's quite pathetic.
  8. 210modz

    Hacking Never installed CFW on sysNAND... Do I need to do a NAND restore to be "clean"?

    You're good if you never ran cfw on sysnand.
  9. 210modz

    Hacking Question Switching between Atomsphere and SX OS

    I'm aware. I didn't want them running off the same emunand though. I wanted them separate.
  10. 210modz

    Hacking Question Unable to update Emunand to FirmWare to 9.2.0 or 9.1.0

    Delete "titles/00FF0012656180FF" from the SD card
  11. 210modz

    Hacking Question Is it possible to use USB drives as storage devices to load your games yet?

    Yea, not at all. I've been running sx os since release and have had 0 issues at all with running games off USB. I'm not sure what there is to fix.
  12. 210modz

    Hacking Question HELP My SwitchMe mochip doesn't work anymore :(

    Plug your switch into a pc then double tap the backplate to push the button on the switchme chip twice. A new drive should show up under my computer. Drag the sx os uf2 to that drive and drop it. The drive should disconnect then reconnect. Unplug it and try to reboot...
  13. 210modz

    Hacking From SX OS Emunand to Emu Nand Atmosphere

    Just use the emunand tool posted in the game save section.
  14. 210modz

    Hacking Updated OFW and Joycons no longer work with HB

    Update whichever homebrew apps you are trying to use. Why did you go to 9.0.1 insteadof updating to 9.1?
  15. 210modz

    Hacking Is Atmosphere more stable/compatible than SX OX?

    Read through the forums. Most posted needing help are with atmosphere users. SX OS works and you don't need to jump through hoops to get it working properly.
  16. 210modz

    Hacking Question How to delete data from failed nsp installation?

    It will have a "?" For the title name in the menu under settings where you uninstall apps.
  17. 210modz

    Hacking Question Switch side rail

    I've done it a few times. If they are incapable of doing something that simple, I wouldn't trust them with my console to begin with.
  18. 210modz

    Hacking Question Switch side rail

    Just drill out the head of the screw then you can remove the side rails and grab the rest of the screw with a small pair of wire snips and turn it. make sure you don't get metal shaving s on your motherboard.
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