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  1. undyingforce

    Friend Code Databade

    Is the friend code Database going to be updated on a regular basis? Can we add Bomberman Blast & Tetris Party?
  2. undyingforce

    Hacking My R4 Problem

    I just bought my R4 and received it from DealExreme for $30 everything is great but the micro sd (kingston TW) sticks out a bit. the r4 doesnt even fit in the case it came with my R4 doesnt seem to be spring loaded...has anyone experienced this before? any help would be great appreciated
  3. undyingforce

    Hacking Where did you buy your M3 Simply &/or Lite?

    Im just getting into the Emulation Scene and Im finally ready to purchase a slot 1 & 2 solution for my emulating needs. Heres what i will be using them for: -Run NDS, GBA, GB/GBC, Nes, SNES roms -Wifi with NWC & single cart download play -read TXT files -watch video clips -Music (Wav if...
  4. undyingforce

    Misc All Nintendo DS Wi-Fi ers need to register here:

    im pretty new here so sorry if everyone knows about this already but i just found out 3 days ago: -Removed- make sure you use that link and register, its free!!!! you wont regret it!!! plus i get some recegnition points for refering! its where i got my metroid sig. this is a great community...
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