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  1. RyuKakashi

    Hacking WUPinstaller (Update/Title installer) - modded to work on 5.4 explains how to compile and embed into webpage for 5.3.2
  2. RyuKakashi

    Hacking WUPinstaller (Update/Title installer) - modded to work on 5.4

    Kakkoii could you please build a payload version for 5.3.2? Splatoon/Smash updates don't install on normal wupinstaller and I don't think browserhax (MP4) works for 5.3.2. At least it's always crashing after player controls appear, and I've tried hosting it locally as well.
  3. RyuKakashi

    Hacking WUP Installer don't work in Wii U 5.3.2?

    From what I gather in the wupinstaller thread The current wupinstaller does not properly install smash or splatoon updates. Kakkoii compiled a version of WUPinstaller for 5.4 (and 5.3.2)...
  4. RyuKakashi

    Hacking How do I extract .arc from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate?

    Is there a specific error when it crashes? You may get better support from the creator's thread here
  5. RyuKakashi

    Hacking How do I extract .arc from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate?

    See here
  6. RyuKakashi

    Hardware Anyone know where I can find a 9.0-9.2 3DS for sale?

    Check the posts here You might get lucky at some of your local retailers.
  7. RyuKakashi

    Hacking GeckoOS launch channel is missing

    Ah thank you, I will check out mighty channels and I guess see what's up with my IOSes.
  8. RyuKakashi

    Hacking GeckoOS launch channel is missing

    I tried using geckoOS 1.9 but for launch channel I get an error saying it can't find any channels. I tried using the latest but that's completely missing the menu option at all, even with debugger on.
  9. RyuKakashi

    DS #4506: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (USA)

    Cracked rom + sav file = no more save issues on cycloDS it's about 3 or 4 pages back for the links
  10. RyuKakashi

    DS #4506: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (USA)

    I'm trying to find the solution for this guy but it ain't easy sifting through all the bs pages. As far as I can tell, no one is having the same problem as him since the "solution" is to load up the patched rom and sav file, which is exactly what he did. The only other thing I can see is maybe...
  11. RyuKakashi

    Kick Gaming site re-launch and contest!

    welcome back kick gaming! everything's lookin good
  12. RyuKakashi

    What? DealWoot is evolving! *Update*

    It does seem a bit pricey but free shipping is a plus! Everything looks good! I hope you guys start selling tri wing screwdrivers for cheap.
  13. RyuKakashi

    Hacking SNES on the Wii?

    search around, there's plenty of snes9x ports you could always just make ur own vc
  14. RyuKakashi

    Wii #1175 - The House of the Dead Overkill (Europe)

    O_O amazing! i'm waitin on ntsc as well! ahh
  15. RyuKakashi

    DS #3301: Mainichi Kokorobics DS Uranai Happiness 2008 (Japan)

    judging from the name and cover, this looks awesome!
  16. RyuKakashi

    Battle of the Worlds DEMO

    a mugen-esque super smash sounds fantastic!
  17. RyuKakashi

    Gaming HELP! Installing new card

    uninstalling your previous card's driver shouldn't matter before booting. once you boot up with your new card, run driver cleaner, and then install your new drivers.
  18. RyuKakashi

    Gaming Quake Live

    that explains a lot...
  19. RyuKakashi

    Hacking 3.2U/3.4U Wii - ERROR! (ret = -1022)

    ret = -1022 might be an error in wad installing on its own. i've had this issue with sin and punishment as well as any games injected into s&p it must be something else we are overlooking as i've been trying to install this game since 3.0 or whatever. i have send the exact same wad to someone...
  20. RyuKakashi


    i dont know what's more embarrassing, the failure of the op, or the people who still try pyramid schemes
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