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    Hacking Nintendont *possible* issue with Eternal Darkness

    Hey guys! I have a PAL Wii U with the the latest firmware running the latest, at the time of writting, version of Nintendont. Whilst playing Eternal Darkness (USA Version), I've noticed a strange visual issue that sometimes occours on the TV but not at the tablet. Please check the uploaded...
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    Hardware PS4 Stoped Working for no apparent reason

    Hello guys, I have a model: CUH-2216B PS4. Two days ago, I tried to turn it on and I had no picture on the TV. I've turned it OFF and now I get no *beep* sound when I press the power button and I only get a *beep* sound when I press the eject but still, the console is not powering on. I've...
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    Hacking PS3 Super Slim PAL issue. PS1 NTSC Games run at 50hz :(

    Hello everyone! I have a PAL PS3 Super Slim with the latest (as of writing this) HFW 4.84.2 and HEN Version 2.2.1. I'm using Multiman and the issue I have is that whenever I try to load and run an NTSC PS1 game through it (I only want NTSC PS1 games, not PAL), the game runs at 50hz because of...
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    Hardware Ps4 Beep one and then off issue...

    Hello people, I was given a non working PS4 as a gift from a friend. The story is that the PS4 was working fine until someone decided to unplug the hdmi cable (whilst the PS4 was on) and connect another HDMI cable in its place (from a satelite receiver... passthrough or something like that...)...
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    Dreamcast VGA question...

    Hello, I want to hook my Dreamcast on a VGA monitor. What would it be better picture-quality wise...? Mod the Dreamcast with a VGA output or buy one of the Deamcast ready made VGA cables from Aliexpress that go from the standard AV port from the back of the Dreamcast to the VGA monitor?
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    Hacking Installing letest Rebug from recovery menu...?

    Hello. My PS3 slim is on 3.55. I want to install a new HDD. Can I install the HDD, place the latest rebug into the USB stick and do the installation of the CFW without reinstalling 3.55 OFW and on top of it the Rebug version? Thanks
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    ROM Hack Is it possible to remove blur/ghosting from the 3DS Game Boy Virtual Cosole's second green pallette?

    Hi everyone! :) The question goes for the Classic Game Boy of course, NOT the advance... Thanks
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    Hacking Wiiflow Lite Emulation Plugins Save settings problems

    Hello, I'm using Wiiflow Lite and I'm running everything from my USB hard drive (SD card is not present at all!). I am trying to set up the emulator plugins and everything from covers to finding roms goes great. The roms play fine but the only problem I have, is that I cannot save core settings...
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    PS1/2 PS2 Slim Sensor Question...

    Hi guys, I want to do a favour for a friend and do a small neat mod with a switch for his PS2 Slim. The idea is instead of using tape etc to cover the sensors, what I want to do, is install a 6-pin on-off switch on the side and as soon as it is pushed, the sensors will be blocked... The two...
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    Hardware PS3 Bluray Drive Problem...

    Hi guys, this drive acts kind of weird... I tried messing around with the mechanism but I couldn't find something stuck inside... Have you seen something like this before? Thank you
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    Hacking Crediar Stoped Working on Nintendon't and on WiiU...? :-(

    I just saw this on his tweeter... :( Brandt Mackay ‏@BrandtMackay 24 Nov @crediar I'm baffled as to the disappearance to the wording "Wii U" next to "impossible is nothing" Reply Retweet Favourite Expand crediar ‏@crediar 28 Nov @BrandtMackay Because I'm not working on...
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    Hacking Triiforce Question: How to run a Wiiware or VC at 480p?

    Hello ! I originally posted this question twice on the beta testing thread but I couldn't get any answer... So I decided to post it here...If I break any rules by doing so, I apologise! Right... I have a PAL Wii 3.2. I run it at 480p/60hz. I boot triiforce beta 5 normally and load up a nand...
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