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  1. cdoty

    Comment by 'cdoty' in 'This happened.'

    I'm not sure about the manager, but eating/sleeping in the stockroom is probably a liability issue for the company. Even though you are an adult, if you get hurt in there the company would be liable, and the insurance rates would skyrocket.
  2. cdoty

    Blog: cdoty

    Blog: cdoty
  3. cdoty

    Blog: cdoty

    Blog: cdoty
  4. cdoty

    Comment by 'cdoty' in '3DS w/ firmware 1.1.0U'

    Why did I know that was coming? It's the cool factor mostly... Just picked up Scribblenauts Unlimited to do that.
  5. cdoty

    3DS w/ firmware 1.1.0U

    I picked up a 3DS today from Radio Shack, which was marked down to $115. The copyright was 2011, so I figured it was safe for the Gateway. I opened it up, and was surprised to find out the firmware was 1.1.0U. I did a search, and that was still before the eShop and browser were released. More...
  6. cdoty

    Comment by 'cdoty' in 'Troubles with buying a Ritmix RZX-50'

    Did you ever find a place to purchase a Ritmix RZX-50?
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