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  1. Piff136

    Hacking Wii U Nand Dumper - WUND kicks back to Wii U Menu when I try to dump

    Hello! as explained on the title, I can't dump any of the backup files from my Wii U because for some reason it's kicking me back immediately to the Wii U Menu after I pressed the A button on the Dump settings. I'm using Tiramisu's Autoboot on my Wii U, maybe it's something from it that blocks...
  2. Piff136

    Hacking vWii - USB Loader GX freezes on "Reinitializing devices" when another HDD is connected

    I recently bought a HDD to play some Wii backups. However, when I try to run the loader, it freezes on the "Reinitializing Devices" screen, forcing me to pull the plug to turn off the Wii U (which is obviously risky). this happens specifically when the HDD for my Wii U games is also connected...
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