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    Need a Logo and Banner?

    As I know many GBATEMP members have alot of artistic talent using photoshop etc... I would like to know if anyone would create a logo and banner for the Newham Schools Basketball website/league. It must include the London Borough of Newham logo(HERE) and a basketball. If anyone could do it...
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    Hacking CycloDS UK?

    Does anybody know the best and cheapest place to order a CycloDS Evolution for/in the UK? Thanks In Advance.
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    Hacking R4 Flash

    I'm thinking of getting an R4 Flash card after reading reviews i think this would be the best for my DS Lite I am in the UK and I am wondering where would be the best place to buy this card from. I have seen the following website (HERE) but not sure whether i should trust it. What do you guys...
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    Contest Forum

    I am going to host a forum 0on gbatemp and i eed people who will help me mod it/ Run it. If you are intrested in this ide and want to be a mod on this forum please post here Gamenews6
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    Invisionboard 1.2 RC1

    Just wondering if you are gong to upgrade or you are not going to bother. Dont worry just a question
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    Can this forum have karma ranks or will that be to much and if tyou get over a certain karma in total they become mods but they have to be exeptional to all the op's and mod's to get a higher KARMA rank
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