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    Hardware Are there ANY graphical differences when playing Wii games on Wii U hardware (due to A/V cables)?

    I can't seem to get a concrete reply one way or the other - I've read some people saying that Wii U's HDMI picture is superior to Wii's (official) component cable for games. But I've ALSO read that the component connection on Wii U is better than HDMI because the HDMI is 'washed out'. So, can...
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    Hardware New adaptor for GC pads=/= playing GC discs on Wii or Wii U. Ever.

    I initially got excited thinking that GC pad adaptor would potentially make Wii/Wii mode on Wii U compatible with GC discs. But then it struck me... no memory card ports! I can't see Nintendo modifying the Wii or Wii U to enable you to store game data on the system memory nor releasing a gizmo...
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    Gaming Using Nintendo TVii on a US Wii U in the UK - possible?

    So, I have a US imported Wii U but live in the UK. I wouldn't mind being able to use TVii (presumably for American TV only but I'm happy with whatever) but I don't know if it's possible, and if so... how? Can anyone help me out here? Would I need proxy settings or something either on the Wii...
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    Homebrew Challenge/suggestion for brewers made of win - RUMBLE in N64 games!

    So, would this be possible? For VC N64 titles, could someone feasibly make the code for the rumble effects (which should be in the games' code) work on the Gamecube controller? What does everyone think?
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    Hardware Can someone fill me in on the hardware differences between the original white Wiis & the black ones?

    I've been meaning to get a US black Wii with Gamecube controller ports for a while now to replace my US white Wii basically for collector reasons, but am unknowledgeable about the drive and board differences between the two, in relation to soft-modding and running homebrew. IIRC, the drive on...
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    Hacking What (if any) tricks can be done on a 3DS with an M3i ZERO flashcard?

    Well, I've got the above flashcart and am wondering what it can be used for on my 3DS XL. I'm interested in general homebrew, apps and tricks, etc. tricks AND: -backing up a Legend of Zelda 3D gamesave from one cart, then putting it on another -AND if possible, backing up a digital save of A...
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    Misc Rigid Nintendo region settings clash regarding Club Nintendo & 3DS - am I shafted? HALP!

    OK, so I live in the UK and have an imported US 3DS XL. On my Wii, I set my region as Brazil as the postcode formats are identical to the UK so I could use my debit card to buy stuff on there (postcode for where card is registered is needed). Well, I did this with my 3DS as well (although it...
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    Gaming Free game download codes... can they be used on other 3DS consoles?

    I bought a 3DS XL and a game and qualified for a download code for this game. I have the code but have no interest in this game. Does anyone know if someone else can use the code on their 3DS? 'Cos I'd like to sell it. If not, what if I installed it on my 3DS then did a system transfer (can...
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    Gaming A question about the cover art on US/Canadian copies for someone who lives in UK...

    Hey all, so I live in the UK but import my games from the States and Canada. I've recently ordered a Wii U and want to get The Wind Waker HD - and I noticed online that it has a snazzy metallic effect on the cover. My question is... Are all copies in the US like that or is it only 'special'...
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    Gaming Best online stores to buy fancy case mods?

    I'm toying with replacing the case for my old Wii which has started to yellow in parts and got the exterior a bit damaged during a move, but I figure I may as well make it worthwhile and get a kick-ass sexy case mod. So I'm after suggestions for websites that have high-quality sexy-looking...
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    Gaming No default item arrangement in LoZ: A Link Between Worlds - can the items be manually rearranged?

    On all previous Zeldas, items have either been automatically assigned to a slot on the item screen or have been re-arrangeable. On A Link Between Worlds, when you get an equipable item it seems to go to the nearest bottom right-hand corner (i.e. no pre-determined place), but once it's there...
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    Hardware Anyone know best place to buy a UK power adaptor?

    Will be receiving a Wii U and need to get a UK power adaptor - have Googled a bit but before I buy, does anyone know the cheapest place to get one? Also, does anyone know if there is an official power adaptor being sold?
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    Hacking Can Gamecube discs be played on the Wii U? What about Gamecube pad>USB port controller support?

    I've yet to get a Wii U. When I get one, I was planning on keeping my Wii for my Gamecube games but if there is a softmod that allows Gamecube DISCS to be used on the Wii U, I could clear some space when I get a Wii U and get rid of my old Wii. Also, I'm aware that you can buy an adaptor to...
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    Gaming A Brit needs help getting a new US/Canada black Wii with Gamecube ports - happy to pay for the help!

    OK, so I live in the UK - my NTSC white Wii console is yellowed and has scratches all over it from when I was in hospital and my family moved stuff for me - as white consoles don't age well, I ordered a brand new nice shiny new black one from eBay, as the Wii is on its way out and I keep my...
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    Has anyone got one of the older PAL N64s they want to sell (any condition)?

    OK, I've got one of the latest models of N64 (transparent turquoise top and frosted white base). The later models like these don't output s-video and I want to get the best pic possible without modding, so - regardless of condition - does anyone have one of the older N64s that they'd want to...
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    Hacking Can a flashcard be used to enable cheats on a physical DS game?

    I've had a Google but can only seem to find answers for GBA games in slot 2. I'm wondering if the cheat function in a M3i Zero or a homebrew app on it can be used to enter cheats for a game, and then swap it out and put in a physical game for the cheats to work on? I figure it's unlikely but...
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    Gaming Anywhere I can buy a replacement OFFICIAL Wii shell?

    OK, so I have a US Wii (and live in the UK). As the Wii U is now out, it's going to be harder to get replacement things in the future and my Wii is something I'm going to want to keep indefinitely. The thing is, it's got some scratches on it and (because I'm an obsessive freak), I want it to...
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    Hacking Worth getting a black new Wii or is the hardware inferior for HB?

    So 'cos I'm going to keep my Wii indefinitely, being the perfectionist that I am, I've been thinking how bits of it are going to go all yellow over time; to this end I've thought about getting a black Wii. However, IIRC there are problems with newer Wiis and the disc drive/Homebrew channel but...
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    Hacking Homebrew cheat apps not working no matter WHAT!

    Right, seriously - this problem has plagued me for years. I love using codes to change aspects of games. LOVE THEM. However, ever since I tried using cheats on my Wii - regardless of menu version - I've only ever been able to activate 1 at a time through Code Manager - (Accio Hacks doesn't...
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    Hardware Is it possile to do a 'clean install' on a Wii?

    I'm fed up with my Wii not being able to use Accio Hacks and Cheat Manager only sometimes working... with only 1 code, and generally not loading sometimes for no reason at all.. So I was wondering if I could reload a fresh copy of the OS on it somehow? It's on a hacked 4.0U with latest HBC...
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