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    Super Bomberman R Update 2.0 including new 3 vs. 3 game mode and new story content is out now

    One of the switch launch titles Super Bomberman R is getting a big free update today. This Update contains new 3 vs. 3 game modes and a whole new world ("World 7- Bomber Planet World") for the story mode. There are also available: 3 new battle stages 10 new characters and 9 new accessories...
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    Hardware Do I really need a smartphone for basic online play?

    There was so much rage about the smartphone app. So I got the impression that you can't play online without the app and I wanted to replace my Windows phone. Now I read on the austrian nintendo webpage something like: "Play online with your switch and use your phone for connecting with friends...
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    Hardware Do I need the newest firmware for 3DS to 3DS XL data transfer?

    I have a 3DS with 5.11 firmware. Because of the gateway I finally want to buy a XL with firmware 4.5. Can I do the data transfer of all my data and eshop-titles between this two systems without updating the new XL to the newest firmware? On the Nintendo homepage they say data transfer is with...
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    Club Nintendo is now available in austria

    ...and till the end of the month you will get even a welcome bonus of 1000 stars. It took a long time but now it is possible to join the club nintendo in austria and to get all the goodies (without using a german address). At the moment there isn`t anything special you can get, but I am sure...
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