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  1. Haaris

    Gaming go to home and start again

    basically i had mario kart 8 , and since then i updated switch and i deleted and reinstalled the game aswell , but now it doesnt work i have freshly tried a few reinstalls but it just gives an error when trying to play it , it says please go to home and try again? can anyone help thanks
  2. Haaris

    Hacking Updating switch atmosphere

    Hi So i have a switch and the firmware says version 8.0.1(AMS 0.8.9) So as you may know its an old version and switch hasnt really been used So where do i begin with updating it? Thanks
  3. Haaris

    Hacking Question Black screen after booting hectate help please

    So switch serial is the possibly patched one, but i did test fusee on it and it said it was successful although never showed anything on screen. So i went ahead to launch cfw it says smashing the stacks etc but it just still has black screen, i have updated fw for exfat cat already, and i have...
  4. Haaris

    Hacking Going to sx os from atmosphere

    hey all So if i got atmosphere cfw and i purchase sx os pro(loader) how do i go from atmosphere to sx os Thanks
  5. Haaris

    Hacking Question Newbie help

    hi all So just got my switch and i want to put cfw so i can play backup games I have been doing some research and reading but a couple questions Why choose atmosphere over reinx ? Apps like homebrew app store if inaccess from switch wont i get banned? Why do people want to install xci games...
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