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  1. xtreme1

    How to Prevent Bubble Positions Reset?

    I just rebooted my vita without the sd2vita adapter. Since the games from my uma0 sd2vita weren't present it reupdated the LiveArea on restart. I rebooted with the sd2vita & since uma0 was present, it regenerated the LiveArea again. Unfortunately the new setup reset many folders and the...
  2. xtreme1

    Any way to unlock past events in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

    Not sure if there's a way to hack saves to enable them or otherwise?
  3. xtreme1

    Hacking Recommendation for stable version of Jailbreak? What version are you using?

    I'm on 5.05 but am wondering if I should now upgrade to 6.72 or 7.02? I know there were stability issues with 6 early on, but wondering what people are using
  4. xtreme1

    Homebrew NTR crashes forces me to remove NTR.bin and bootNTR's config

    NTR can cause games to crash and when using input redirection it can get even worse. But the real deal breaker for me is that after NTR crashes, snickerstream can no longer connect. So NTR crashes, I reboot, start NTR w/ no problem. But then snickerstream gives me: Could not start remoteplay on...
  5. xtreme1

    Hacking Question Newer games won't launch without NoGC enabled

    If I use the default settings of hekate w/ NOGC enabled, then I can launch my digital copy of xenoblade. If I disable NOGC (so that I don't have the nag), and I launch xenoblade, it says it can't be started. Haven't dealt with NOGC causing issues w/ games. Anyone know why?
  6. xtreme1

    Hacking Can't launch xenoblade with NOGC disabled

    If I use the default settings of hekate w/ NOGC enabled, then I can launch my digital copy of xenoblade. If I disable NOGC (so that I don't have the nag), and I launch xenoblade, it says it can't be started. Haven't dealt with NOGC causing issues w/ games. I'm using this guide and the files...
  7. xtreme1

    Homebrew Question Cleaning up switch folders - double checking what's needed

    I'm getting back into using my switch after quite some time away and it seems my past self left my switch folders in a bit of chaos. Of these folders & files, what is critical for booting with Kosmos? *system Nintendo *kosmos /atmosphere /bootloader /config /sept /switch hbmenu.nro *extra...
  8. xtreme1

    Homebrew Question Re-order homebrew?

    Tinfoil is my last homebrew in a long list and I want it to be my first. Any suggestions how to do this?
  9. xtreme1

    Hacking Suggestion Homebrew to disable Capture button

    I don't use the capture button. I still occasionally bump it on a joycon, and fill up my storage w/ useless screenshots and videos. My capture button grief compounded when i started using my ps360+ fightstick w/ a Magic-NS adapter. My fightstick remaps the home button to start+select, and the...
  10. xtreme1

    Homebrew Question Disabling layeredfs mods on the fly?

    Is there someway to disable layeredfs on atmosphere w/o rebooting? or alternatively with rebooting? (eg, i want to disable my pkmn mods)
  11. xtreme1

    Hacking Reformatted from exfat to fat32 and copied files back over. Shows splash but no boot

    I was recommended to leave it on the dock for a while in case it died. Anything I'm missing. I recopied over a fresh copy of the V1011 SSBB SdFiles. And copied lakka on top of that. Should i clear everything besides the nintendo folder and try again?
  12. xtreme1

    What do you use to keep track of your gaming backlog?

    Looking for some way to keep track of my game's priority list, what i'm playing, played, and what's next.
  13. xtreme1

    Gaming I've updated and blocked internet connection, but it still is nagging me about software updates

    I'm on reinx 5.1.0 but still getting software nags. Is there a good way to clear these things without installing the software updates.
  14. xtreme1

    Homebrew Discussion What homebrew are you enjoying?

    Just got reinx and wondering what people's must have homebrew is?
  15. xtreme1

    Hacking Rip PS4 game to HD and play without disc, without making pkg on PC?

    Is there any way to rip a disk to your hdd and play it without building a pkg on your computer, moving it back to the HDD, then installing?
  16. xtreme1

    Hardware Has anyone bought a PS4 Pro sealed at greater than 5.05?

    Windering if i can just order a new one off amazon..
  17. xtreme1

    Hardware How to track down 5.05 PS4 Pro?

    I'm usually in the America, but am in Japan this week. Haven't been able to get a shop clerk to let me try a used PS4 Pro here yet to verify versions. Any advice for tracking one down in Japan or America? I'm only interested in the Pro.
  18. xtreme1

    Hacking Could not communicate using SSL C2-14900-4

    I'm trying to download file off of github, and I keep getting this error. I also cannot connect to my FTP server (just spins and says please wait...). I've read that this can be due to the time being off, so I set it via internet in settings, rebooted, and it looks right, but is still not...
  19. xtreme1

    Hacking Changing region of Escape Plan

    I have the Japanese version of Escape Plan and a USA system. For some reason the english version of the game still loads, so I guess it's multi region. Is there a way to force the Japanese region? There's a region_settings.ini in the root of the app's folder, but it seems encrypted (at least...
  20. xtreme1

    Hardware Track down a 4.55 PS4 Pro or just wait for 5.05 exploit?

    Posting this under hardware, since I'm interested in finding the hardware, but I guess it could fall under hacking as well; sorry if this is the wrong spot. It seems like there's a 5.05 exploit on the way, so is it worth tracking down a 4.55 PS4 Pro despite it seems impossible to find a 4.55...
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