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  1. Chrisssj2

    Switch OC suite help getting clocks to work I installed this. and added the line to my hekate ini Now I do see all the new frequencies.. above 1785 cpu and now a "max" ram and 1300 gpu etc. but even if i set something like 1800 ish cpu, 1000 gpu and max ram. sysclk says it is on those...
  2. Chrisssj2

    Oled switch starting OFW instead of CFW

    My switch always booted hekate directly when starting my chipped oled switch. Sometimes NOSD error, but eventually it boots no problem. I booted like this perhaps 50x times or more who knows. Alot of times. My switch is on FW 14 btw. Anyways i haven't rebooted since updating to FW14...
  3. Chrisssj2

    Harddrive wont/will connect behaviour usb c hub

    Who else here has used a harddrive with switch wether through tinfoil,goldleaf,dbi,sx os. Doesnt matter. Sometimes when i plug in the usb-c for my harddrive the drive wont be recognized that plugin no matter what i do or long i wait. If i replug it sometimes work. But i couldnt find anything...
  4. Chrisssj2

    Diablo II: Resurrected graphics mod?

    Would it be possible to make the switch version make look more in line with the pc version? Ini edits, pak edits, romfs, anything?
  5. Chrisssj2

    Hacking Question How to dualboot SX OS sysnand with emunand atmosphere?

    I have just received my 1TB micro sd. I copied over the contents of my existing sd card to my new one. On my old sd card i had both SX OS and atmosphere present, so I could fire up either with my RCMloader. How can I continue using rcmloader to boot up either Sysnand SX OS and atmosphere...
  6. Chrisssj2

    ROM Hack Suggestion Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Uncensor patch

    Appearently only the 2nd game is censored(1 and 3 have the gore), can we get a port of a gore version of the game going somehow? Or is this not feasible?
  7. Chrisssj2

    ROM Hack Suggestion Subnautica graphical edit

    Would it be possible to mod this game to allow for better lightening? In the scene in your submarine if it clearly visible the difference in the light interior. Or sunshafts shining through the water. I imagine it would run when overclocking the switch.
  8. Chrisssj2

    Hacking Question Dualbooting AMS+ SX OS possible with 12.0 / 11.0 emu/sysnand?

    First of all don't recommend me to go to pure AMS. The only thing I care about is using USB HDD XCI loading. Now with SX gone for who knows how long, maybe forever. And with game updates maybe later this year requiring new SDK, meaning patching is no longer an option, I am considering options to...
  9. Chrisssj2

    ROM Hack Suggestion Crash bandicoot 4 - 60fps graphics mod

    Comparing to ps4/ps5 you can see in some scenes it loses alot of detail and effects. I hope it will be possible to mod this game to a better state with Ocing the switch now that the game is out there.
  10. Chrisssj2

    ROM Hack Latest translated 3ds games 2019/2020

    Does anyone know the last newly translated/updated 3ds games? I know of these: -Digimon World Re-Digitize Decode -DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: TERRY’S WONDERLAND But I may have missed some other idk? It's hard to tell where updates are or new translations have arisen.
  11. Chrisssj2

    Hacking Question Huge problem, titles and savegames corrupting on nand

    I am on FW 10.2 sysnand with appropriate SX OS. Using XCI with usb hdd. (no I am not switching to nsp/atmosphere) So i use SX-installer usually to load up a title then play it. I don't use SX album because it is too slow and inconspicuous to find something. Now lately I have been getting a...
  12. Chrisssj2

    ROM Hack Question Need for speed hot pursuit remastered 60 fps possible

    Just thinking how this game could seriously use this. Is this possible?
  13. Chrisssj2

    ROM Hack Question SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition Cheats not working

    TID: 0100ec400d54e00 BID: 1fe34416e3f057ad Trying to use the xp, sp, hp cheats Anyone got a working cheat for this game? Idk what the xp cheat is suppose to do anyway? give a % modifier boost? or instant max level or?? I hope not instant max level...
  14. Chrisssj2

    Hacking How to import this savegame to my 6.72 PS4 pro?

    I want to inject this Doax3 savegame: (I noticed it doesn't have .dat or .bin file though.. idk if this is decrypted or what., I assume it should be ) I tried follow this tutorial...
  15. Chrisssj2

    Hacking Ps4 jailbreak 6.72 debug menu won't show

    First time I ran the exploit via browser https:/cbps/xyz/672/ JB first then mira It said sucess and all was set, after getting the out of memory msg twice. Where is the debug menu suppose to be? Underneath system right? I went through all the options. But NOWHERE, is the menu to be found...
  16. Chrisssj2

    ROM Hack Question Need help deleting saves from NAND

    I know it is adviced against but I have my reasons. Deleting many hundreds of titles via "delete save data" takes incredibly long and is tedious. I tried to delete my user account to delete all according saves. But for some reason I got an error. Saying "2155-8035" please try again later. if the...
  17. Chrisssj2

    Hacking Installing games via the 6.72 exploit on internal harddrive

    I don't have any harddrives laying around I can format, they are all in use for something and need the data on it. All of them are NFTS. Can the PS4 use this without reformatting it? Or else Im boned... I think no way of getting a dump to internal harddrive of ps4? And how does one convert ps4...
  18. Chrisssj2

    Hacking Question Can't install games on SDCard - failed to write placeholder error

    When I try to install a game on my friend switch who is using 10.0.4 with latest Atmosphere. via tinfoil with latest sigpatches. I am getting failed to write placeholder error with ANY game im trying to install on the sd card as the target. if I select Nand as target to install, all games work...
  19. Chrisssj2

    Hacking Question Can these games be played on CFW switch? Space wolf/Neon Caves/Galak Z Variant S

    So I can't seem to get beyond the internet dialogue's I ussually skip if I get them ingame. Are there no exefs/ips/savegames mods or hacks or whatever to play these games on switch? Space Wolf Neon Caves Galak-Z Variant S
  20. Chrisssj2

    Homebrew Question Overclocking switch CPU to 1912 mhz

    It seems xash3d is able to overclock the switch cpu to 1912 mhz. Is it possible to make freebird or, sysclk do this? limit there is 1785 mhz.
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