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  1. trainboy2019

    ROM Hack Question How to extract SSBU update ROM

    Hi, I've seen there are some threads about this topic, but they didn't work for me, and replying to them would've been a necrobump. Could someone help me extract the data.arc from the latest SSBU update? I've got the nsp files and extracted the NCA, but I can't get the romfs.
  2. trainboy2019

    Homebrew Issue with GBA Backup Tool

    Hi, I'm trying to backup a ROM using GBA Backup Tool, but it won't even detect the ROM. It just freezes. The system can read it just fine. I suspect it has to do with the fact it's a demo ROM, and the ID starts with DIS-AGB as opposed to AGB. Does anyone know how I can backup this ROM without...
  3. trainboy2019

    Homebrew Can't play cartridge with twilight menu++

    Hi, I'm trying to play my cartridge of Pokemon Black on my DSi. I installed hiya cfw and replaced the system menu with twilight menu++, but I can't boot the cartridge via twilight menu, and via unlaunch, it's a black screen. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. trainboy2019

    Homebrew Transfer to new SD card?

    Hi, so I installed CFW on my DSi today, and decided to upgrade from a 2gb sd card to a 16 gb sd card. I copied the data over, but when I turn on the DSi, I get a generic error. The new SD card is FAT32. Any idea what to do to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  5. trainboy2019

    Hacking Question Preparations for 6.2 update

    Hi, I'm probably going to update my switch soon to play SSBU online. I'm currently on 6.1, and I was wondering what precautions to take beforehand, I already made boot0/1, raw gpp, and eMMC system backups, but not the user as it was too large for the sd card. Any other steps to take to be safe?
  6. trainboy2019

    Hacking [QUESTION] Extracting system apps

    Hi, I made a nand backup of my Wii U and extracted the contents of it, since I wanted to extract the assets of the system apps. But I can't figure out how to do it. Does anyone know how to do this or if it's even possible?
  7. trainboy2019

    Homebrew [Release] Puzzle3DS

    Puzzle3DS This is a simple memory game for the 3DS All you have to do is memorize the pattern shown on the bottom, then when the indicator in the top left is green, repeat the pattern. Scan this QR code to install. Source code: Releases...
  8. trainboy2019

    ROM Hack Convert eShop music to useable format?

    How can I convert the eshop music to a useable format, like wav? I know the eshop music is in a boss container, but I don't know how to extract/convert it. If someone could help, I would really appreciate it.
  9. trainboy2019

    ROM Hack Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions .dat files

    How would I go about decompressing and extracting the .dat files in MLSSBM? I've tried everything I could think of. EFE, Ohana, bms scripts for paper jam, how do I decompress and extract these?
  10. trainboy2019

    ROM Hack SSB4 DLC Extraction error

    I'm trying to extract the dtls files in the ssb4 dlc. However, no matter what I try, I always get an error. When using DTLS.exe, I get access denied, even though I'm an admin and I'm the one who made the folder. When running the python script, I get an assertion error. What can I do to extract this?
  11. trainboy2019

    ROM Hack 3DS Error on startup

    When I start up my 3ds, I get a message saying After that, it starts up normally, but the next startup, it will do it again. What's going on?
  12. trainboy2019

    Hacking 11.5 update issue

    I'm trying to update to 11.5, but the 3ds says that it failed to update. What should I do? I have bs9 and luma 8.1. I also have a custom home menu, and restoring the original home menu, the system won't start up and I had to restore a NAND backup.
  13. trainboy2019

    Homebrew [Release] ButtonPresser3DS - Another Useless Homebrew App

    ButtonPresser3DS I present the next useless homebrew application, ButtonPresser3DS! Instructions -Tap and hold the button to press it. -Release the button to stop pressing it. -Press Start to return to the Home Menu. -Press up or down to change the color of your button. -Press left or right to...
  14. trainboy2019

    Homebrew Godmode9/Luma payload loading acting odd

    I have the godmode9 payload called up_godmode9.firm in the corresponding luma folder on my 3ds and I can start it from the luma chain loader, but when I hold up while booting the system, I get this. Any idea what's going on? EDIT: this is for any payload not loaded through the chain loader
  15. trainboy2019

    ROM Hack Pokedex 3d Pro Z5 file help

    I have extracted the romfs for pokedex 3d pro and the files are compressed into .z5 files. I looked around for how to decompress them, but the only things I found were for pokemon shuffle, and by someone who never released the tool they used to decompress the files. Can someone help me...
  16. trainboy2019

    Hacking [QUESTION] Convert NAND Application to cia

    I have extracted my CTRNAND, and copied some applications from /titles. How do I convert them to CIA, or at least decrypt them?
  17. trainboy2019

    Hardware 3DS update?

    I have a new 3ds with the kernel exploit on 11.2. I'm getting a system update notification, but I'm on the latest FW, what's going on, and what should I do? Nintendo says the latest FW is 11.2
  18. trainboy2019

    Hacking Bricked... anything I can do?

    I am using an o3ds that was downgraded with sys updater to 9.2. It was working fine for days, but I was booting into emunand, and I get a black screen, the wireless light, and the power light. I can't even access recovery mode. I don't have gateway, is there anything I can do?
  19. trainboy2019

    ROM Hack [Help] Pokémon X & Y battle not loading

    I made some model edits and changed the trainers portraits, but now, it's stuck on a black screen with the music playing. Any idea what I should do? EDIT: fixed it
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