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  1. kernelPANIC

    Dream Daddy studio reveal new psychological horror game Homebody

    As long as Arin does't butt in much in the whole game development process, I am willing to give this a chance...
  2. kernelPANIC

    Super Nintendo World theme park opens in 2023 in the U.S.

    Having been to the one in Osaka, if you are on the fence about getting the wrist band (if they use it on the American park as well) I would say it is overall not worth the 35 dollars (3600 yen as of date). It is just a silly gimmick that you will not use for more than a couple seconds and then...
  3. kernelPANIC

    Kanji Swipe - A free tile merging game to practice writing/stroke order.

    Much obliged for the kind comment! Please leave a review if you enjoyed it, as it is difficult to spread the word about niche games like this one... ^_^
  4. kernelPANIC

    GBAtemp Weekly Group Highlight: Japanese Language Learning

    Neat initiative! Hopefully posting learning resources is ok (added a silly Kanji learning/practie game that I made recently to the Resources sub-forum).
  5. kernelPANIC

    Kanji Swipe - A free tile merging game to practice writing/stroke order.

    If you are like me, sometimes remembering the correct order of the strokes or even the direction in which they are written can be tricky to remember. This is why I created this little mobile game in my spare time for a bit over 2 years so that, hopefully, it can make remembering them a bit more...
  6. kernelPANIC

    Super Nintendo World's official website goes live, details attractions, pricing, and park overview

    Considering a new State of Emergency is about to be declared in Tokyo and the neighboring prefectures (of which Osaka is not), I wouldn't be surprised if this opening needs to be (sadly) delayed...
  7. kernelPANIC

    Amazon's Twitch Prime is being re-branded as Prime Gaming

    Prime Simping or Prime Thotting would have been more apt names considering the direction the platform has taken.
  8. kernelPANIC

    Super Nintendo World theme park opens this summer, gets music video trailer

    Oh boy, the queues are going to be massive for at least a couple years. Let's hope they open the Singapore one soon so that the mainlanders don't crowd up the place too badly.
  9. kernelPANIC

    Hacking TX Presents SX OS v2.9 BETA - With Full v9.0 Firmware Support!

    There seems to be an issue loading xci files created from nsp files. Also, custom xci files (the ones that include updates and dlc in the xci, so technically they require the nsp files too) CANNOT be mounted from the micro SD. You can, however, install them on the system internal storage, but...
  10. kernelPANIC

    Nintendo unveils its new fitness game 'Ring Fit Adventure'

    She has some really scary eyes/gaze and he seems to have been assembled in some sort of robot factory...
  11. kernelPANIC

    Pokemon Go Friend Code thread

    Friend List Full (for now)
  12. kernelPANIC

    Nintendo E3 2019 Press Conference live coverage

    Were YOU disappointed? From recent memory, this probably is the best E3 conference/direct of the past decade. I can list 16+ games that will be available for the Switch that I would like to play. I haven't been able to do that in a loooooooong time.
  13. kernelPANIC

    Pricing, games, and launch info for the Google Stadia will be revealed this summer

    Anyone want to take any bets as to when this will become the next Google+?
  14. kernelPANIC

    Not Everything can be a F*cking Service!!!

    Pretty much this. Sure, we might not witness it in our lifetimes, but when people realize that self-driving cars have a fraction of the accidents that we currently have and automation of the process/economies of scale make it more affordable, getting a car/taxi will be as easy as getting your...
  15. kernelPANIC

    Nintendo Direct confirmed for tomorrow, will feature Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    Any chances of a Super Mario 3D World remake for Switch? The Wii U didn't have much of an audience, so it seems like a good opportunity...
  16. kernelPANIC

    What show(s)/movie(s) have you seen a gazillion times and can still happily watch again?

    Lost. For me it holds up surprisingly well. "Friends" and "The Ricky Gervais Show" are another classics on my background binge watching rotation.
  17. kernelPANIC

    Nintendo puts rumors of Skyward Sword on Switch to rest, no current plans for a port

    Anyone knows of any sites that discuss videogame music concerts (Japan region)? I am sick of missing out on these... or finding out when the tickets are already sold out... :cry:
  18. kernelPANIC

    Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will actually support all models of 3DS

    Except that backstabbing customers who buy previous iterations of the same hardware and are not able to purchase software for the system they purchased will think twice in the future about buying a product from a company that leaves their customers in the dust like that. It would make for a very...
  19. kernelPANIC

    Hacking Xecuter SX FAQ - Finally!

    If I purchased the Japanese Breath of the Wild game, can I use SX Pro to load the update and DLC .nsp using my cart as the base?
  20. kernelPANIC

    Webcomic Temper Tantrums #13 - The Perfect Setup

    So most of the people lurking in this forum (or rather on this specific thread), barely play games anymore? Or maybe it is just the 3DS that has been abandoned already?
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