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  1. alimao

    PS1/2 PSone Optical Drives Diving Board Mod CD-ROM I saw this and I was in doubt about what?

    I saw this and I was in doubt about what? I made the purchase without knowing what it would be
  2. alimao

    Hardware you sell stencil for soldering the memories ? does anyone know one or website that sells?
  3. alimao

    Hacking ps vita 3.71 ?

    I was upgrading my ps vita to 3.70 repair on 3.71 anyone else?
  4. alimao

    Misc control parental You can't access to menu parameter

    solution ?
  5. alimao

    Hacking Question Pegaswitch or PegaScape for Switch 4.1 using ESP8266 CHIP possible ? possible ? Pegaswitch or PegaScape for Switch 4.1 using ESP8266 CHIP possible ?
  6. alimao

    Hacking Question nintendo switch with problem when loading

    already been reballing in tegra. it will be memory in test. plate does not have any short
  7. alimao

    Hacking first reballing nintendo switch

    nintendo switch freezing randomly, it was done reball Stencil used Universal Stencil pitch 0.65MM.htm
  8. alimao

    Hacking I put biskey keys from another console !! solution ?

    without wanting to get confused and put keys wrong, how can you recover them correct? my switch turns on black screen
  9. alimao

    Hacking wii 4.0 requiring further updates! any solution?

    wii fimware with 4.0 anyway games like mario tennis channel requires the update of soft Why? is to remove it? not require more updates ? ta with my wii chip ciclowiz, fimware Waninkoko 4.0
  10. alimao

    Hacking as you run the game and wiware in sd card?

    Hello! my first topic Wii Homebrew scene followed a time as the new fimware 4.0 was interested to know that you can install virtual console games and games wiware in sd! I have so homebrew_channel, Backup Launcher installed! my Wii is installed fw 3.3u I wonder the need to run the games in...
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