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    Tutorial Patch PSN games to work even without ReActPSN

    Will this work on a PS1 Classics title with just the EDAT file? (actually, nvm that, turns out that won't work) Also, apparently this does not work on Disney-Pixar Brave as patching the eboot and EDAT files results in a black screen upon launching the game. Tried it on NPUB30809.
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    Homebrew nds-bootstrap compatibility

    Disney's Frozen: Olaf's Quest is missing from the list. As of nds-bootstrap 0.29.0 and TWLMenu++ v12.0.0 the game suffers from corrupted graphics where stuff from the top screen and bottom screen somehow get mixed up rendering the game unplayable.
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    Homebrew Android Emulator For 3DS

    One could theoretically port Android 1.6 to it since the processor on the 3DS is an ARMv6, but in practice it's a long shot unless you're that guy who somehow managed to port a proof-of-concept build of Donut to a TI NSpire.
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    Homebrew Why I think an N64 emulator would be possible on the New 3DS!(I belive too!!!)

    Considering how there's not much in the way of new software for the 3DS these days, I'd have no choice but to agree.
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    Homebrew Post Homebrew ideas, suggestion, requests here

    The NSpire had an ARM processor with similar clock speed, and far worse RAM. I'm not saying that it can be done, nor is it going to overwrite the default OS, but it's just a thought for a challenge.
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    Homebrew Post Homebrew ideas, suggestion, requests here

    Android booting on the New 3DS would be something. Now before you dismiss that as impossible, some dude ported Android 1.6 on the TI Nspire CX, mostly as a proof-of-concept rather than a practical OS replacement. So I'm sure that booting Donut on the 3DS would be an interesting challenge:
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    Hardware 2DS replacement shells?

    Or the Vita and PSP for that matter.
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    Tutorial [GER/DEU] How to make 3DS Games with Unity

    Anyone know how to get a skybox to show up ingame? EDIT: NVM about the skybox, I managed to fix it. Right now I was wondering if the skinned mesh renderer on Unity is really that slow, or if any further optimisations can be done.
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    Hardware 2DS replacement shells?

    Yeah, I was a little surprised that there's next to no aftermarket shells for the 2ds. I mean sure, there's this legal issue with Ninty and all, but still...
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    Homebrew Post Homebrew ideas, suggestion, requests here

    This may sound like a tall order, but would it be feasible to do a YouTube client a la NewPipe? NewPipe did its thing by parsing the YouTube website and scraping whatever it is it may find useful hence why they didn't have to use any Google APIs or libraries at all. The problem here is since...
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    Hardware 2DS replacement shells?

    Does anyone know of a place where I could buy a replacement 2DS housing? Most of the venues I looked at (eBay, Lazada, etc.) either don't have them or I end up with a rather paltry selection to choose from.
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    Hardware Exist any advantage in to have a REAL 3DS instead of Cintra Emulator ?

    Timing is also a major issue with emulators, and depending on the game could give you an unfair advantage. This also accounts for why speedruns played on emulators are typically listed under a separate category.
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    Gaming Avoiding a ban on cfw

    Would I get banned for simply logging in to a device running CFW?
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    Homebrew [WIP] ctrmus - Another 3DS Music Player

    I don't mind the spartan interface, but I'd like it to play the contents of a particular folder rather than have it play just one song at a time.
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    Android Nintendo Switch Launcher for Android v1.50

    Sorry for the bump, but thought I'd let you know that the launcher crashes on my X96 Mini running off an ATVXperience ROM. Not sure if I'd be able to do a logcat or two, but the TV box goes for quite cheap at Lazada in case you are interested in reproducing the issue yourself.
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    ROM Hack Unpacking an NDS .pak file

    Tried it, but still I can't capture anything with it, too. Szfzafa from Xentax had a code snippet for Desmume that allows you to dump models to an OBJ file, but IDK where to put it as it was a tad confusing to use.
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    ROM Hack Unpacking an NDS .pak file

    Thanks for the tip. As for ripping, well, I'm actually planning to rip the models out of the game (don't worry, I won't post the ripped stuff here). I managed to get the textures from it using either GLIntercept or 3D Ripper DX (plus an OpenGL-DirectX wrapper), but the way the emulators work...
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    ROM Hack Unpacking an NDS .pak file

    Thanks for the tip, but the CT2 that I have right now has a rather mangled translation, I'm afraid, and I'm not that sure as to how to use that compression search thingy.
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    ROM Hack Unpacking an NDS .pak file

    You mean, like, just a screenie and not the file itself? OK, I'll remove it.
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    ROM Hack Unpacking an NDS .pak file

    IDK if it's OK to post a sample archive file here, but I'm just wondering as to what sort of packing/compression does this file use? I'm currently planning to hack/peek at an NDS game and extract something useful out of it for a personal project or two.
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