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  1. PaBo

    A semi-playable third-person mod for Cyberpunk 2077 has been released

    the game was not only a buggy disaster, which got people even more furious was that a lot (and i mean possibly 50%) of promised content/features was either not present at all or completely rudimentary garbage code systems, which a novice programmer would code in an evening. also steam charts...
  2. PaBo

    Bounty Battle announced

    what is that music?
  3. PaBo

    Xbox's X019 event coverage, new Rare IP, new Obsidian game, Halo Reach PC release date announced

    ugh... if you are not a fan and blinded by nostalgia, halo reach certainly does not look "stunning". it looks like something from the max payne era tbh. hard pass from me.
  4. PaBo

    Tutorial Windows 10 HEVC codec for Free!

    lavfilters, madvr, mpc-hc-be, xysubfilter, and you are basically done
  5. PaBo

    What song are you currently listening to?

    ‹( In Autumnus - Again |#01| Atmospheric Post Black Metal | 4:26 / 6:29 )›
  6. PaBo

    Bandai Namco's E3 Line-Up Leaked

    i dont suppose they will be fixing the horribly boring, repetetive and grindy combat though. what is otherwise a gorgeous game is hindered by the terrible combat, sadly...
  7. PaBo

    GBWallpaper turns your Windows 10 wallpaper into a fully fledged Game Boy emulator

    this is sadly a screensaver and not a dreamscene
  8. PaBo

    Capcom announces its plug and play home arcade machine, the 'Capcom Home Arcade'

    exactly! i was thinking how i would maybe get one if i can expand the library, because those 16 games arent all that appealing. however 200 bucks is a turn off...
  9. PaBo

    Hardware Got Switch Online?

    THAT and a hundred times THAT!
  10. PaBo

    Devil May Cry 5 shows off Mega Buster weapon and new TGS footage

    what?! that shit looks bland and boring as hell! in this genre, you need to present something fresh instead of the same old button mashing...
  11. PaBo

    GBAtemp Exclusive Weekend Discussion: What "dream game" would you want to see get announced?

    F-Zero NX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. PaBo

    Hacking Old 3ds wont turn on after updating from a9lh to b9s

    i havent touched mine in forever. what are the b9s benefits compared to a9lh?
  13. PaBo

    Hardware Hori to Release Three USB GameCube Controllers for the Switch

    who tf wants wired these days?!
  14. PaBo

    Gaming Octopath Traveler or Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    this! even after 150h i still found new combos, more efficient rotations, weaknesses, etc. xeno is very complex and i applaud it for not dumping the entire mechanics at once, because that would be very overwhelming for the average player.
  15. PaBo

    snakebyte Announces the Tough:Case for Nintendo Switch

    cases EXACTLY like these have been on the market forever. aliexpress has literally thousands of these...
  16. PaBo

    Tutorial [Tutorial] Streaming your PC games to Switch (No latency)

    this video was supported by thermaltake :rofl2:
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