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  1. gloweyjoey

    Gaming Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend July 20-22

    ArenaNet has announced that the final Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2 on July 20-22, will have all five main races being playable - Human, Norn, Charr, also with Asura, and Sylvari now being playable for the first time. Guild Wars 2 releases on Tuesday, August 28th...
  2. gloweyjoey

    Foxconn Pledges Labor Improvements in China

    Taiwan manufacturing giant Foxconn has agreed to improve conditions at its China-based factories, where workers assemble popular devices for iconic U.S. technology giant Apple and several other high-tech companies. The company said it will increase the employees' wages, reduce their overtime...
  3. gloweyjoey

    Gaming Nintendo Licenses Green Hills’ MULTI IDE For Wii U Developers

    Nintendo has been acting characteristically un-Nintendo-ish the past few months. They have been focusing more on third-party developers and getting them the solutions they need to maximize gaming experiences on their platforms. Their latest license is further proof of their commitment to...
  4. gloweyjoey

    Paedophile caught after victim takes picture using DSi

    A girl in the United Kingdom put away a man who molested her thanks to the camera on her Nintendo DSi, using it to surreptiously capture his assault and force a confession. John Fisher, 46, did admit to the abuse after his accuser (unnamed) snapped a picture of his hand groping her. Fisher's...
  5. gloweyjoey

    Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign-Up

    Guild Wars 2 is redefining what is possible in online roleplaying games. We’re casting aside worn out old MMO conventions for a new kind of gaming experience where your character’s story actually matters and your actions really have an impact on the world. Bid farewell to grind and hollow...
  6. gloweyjoey

    Mobiclip Becomes Subsidiary of Nintendo

    Mobiclip, a company responsible for video codecs (software allowing compression or decompression of digital video) for both Wii and 3DS, is now a subsidiary of Nintendo. According to one report, the acquisition had taken place in September of last year. There is no word as to how Nintendo plans...
  7. gloweyjoey

    California Taxpayers To Reimburse Video Game Industry $1.3 Millio

    January 26, 2012 – WASHINGTON, DC – The state of California agreed to reimburse the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) $950,000 for legal fees incurred from the trade association’s recent U.S. Supreme Court victory, ESA announced today. The U.S. Supreme Court case was the latest result of...
  8. gloweyjoey

    Media Create Japan Sales 2012 Week 3 1/16-1/22

    Media Create Japan sales 2012 week 3 1/16-1/22 Hardware (this week in bold, followed by last week, followed by week 1) 3DS: 80,960 (100,668)(240,819) PS3: 21,155 (30,332) (74,459) PSP: 17,181 (22,538) (71,033) PSV: 15,219 (18,361) (42,915) Wii: 10,173 (14,179) (49,525) X360...
  9. gloweyjoey

    Media Create numbers shows 50+% drops for almost all hardware

    Vita wasn't alone in seeing a post holiday drop. 3DS fell over 50% to just above the 100,000 mark. PS3 and PSP also saw drops, but remained above the Vita in overall sales. Here's the full hardware chart for 1/9 to 1/15, with last week's sales in parentheses. 1. 3DS: 100,668 (240,819) 2. PS3...
  10. gloweyjoey

    Sony Encouraged by 3DS Sales

    SCE president and CEO Andrew House says healthy sales of Nintendo's 3DS proves that, despite the doom and gloom naysayers, there's still sufficient demand for dedicated gaming portables. "The sales of the 3DS, having the advantage of releasing a little bit ahead of us, have been exceedingly...
  11. gloweyjoey

    Video Game Sales Fall in 2011

    Spending on all video-game content in the U.S. reached an estimated $16.3 billion to $16.6 billion in 2011, down about 2 percent from 2010. The estimate -- final data will be available in March -- includes new physical video and PC games, used games, game rentals, subscriptions, digital...
  12. gloweyjoey

    No Playstation 4 Anouncment at E3 This Year

    During a roundtable with reporters at the Consumer Electronics Show, a reporter asked a question to Hirai attributing comments to the head of its videogame division, Andrew House, that there would be no announcement about a PlayStation 4 at the show. Hirai, who appointed House for the job, said...
  13. gloweyjoey

    Reddit shutting down to protest SOPA/PIPA

    Source Wow. That would be HUGE if wikipedia participates.
  14. gloweyjoey

    Utah man molests 12 year old boy with Wiimote

    A Utah man is in jail after he raped a 12-year-old boy with a Wii remote, according to authorities in in a Salt Lake City suburb. Police say the 26-year-old assailant was angered that the boy and his friends had been teasing him. Nicholas Parry is in the Salt Lake County jail facing charges of...
  15. gloweyjoey

    Get banned from PSN unless you waive your right to sue

    Sony is preparing to ban gamers from the PlayStation Network (PSN) unless they waive the right to collectively sue it over future security breaches. The firm has amended PSN's terms and conditions and users have to agree to them next time they log in. The move comes months after a string of...
  16. gloweyjoey

    Only 10% of gamers actually finish a game

    <div align='center'><img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" /> (Picture by <a href="" target="_blank">Aled Lewis</a>. <a href="[email protected]/sets/72157625718212273/" target="_blank">Video Games Vs...
  17. gloweyjoey

    If you use Internet Explorer you might have a low IQ

    The study gave web surfers an IQ test, then plotted their scores against the browser they used. IE surfers were found to have an average IQ lower than people using Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Users of Camino and Opera rated highest. The report has sparked anger from IE supporters, who have...
  18. gloweyjoey

    Hardware Aqua Blue 3DS + $25 Amazon credit

    If anyone was waiting for some kind of deal to pick up their 3DS, Amazon is offering $25 credit with purchase of an Aqua Blue 3DS at $249.99+free shipping. This deal seems to not apply to the black model at the moment.
  19. gloweyjoey

    Kirby Wii named "Kirby Returns to Dreamland"

    Kirby Returns to Dreamland. A Nintendo rep mentioned it while I saw the Wii game. This Kirby title brings the pink protagonist back to his roots. It’s a platformer where four players can work together and ride each other. No, there aren’t four Kirbys. You have to play Kirby Mass Attack if you...
  20. gloweyjoey

    Capcom Europe Blames Fans for MML3 Cancellation

    Hoo-boy. This is just going to be one of those days. Checking out the blog post of GeekSpeak Radio host and MMN alumni Bryan “DarkMoogle” Carr, who has been following this whole turn of events, I saw that Capcom Europe had been responding to some fans about the Mega Man Legends 3 cancellation...
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