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  1. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'JRPGs'

    EXACTLY! That's the point, see. They're releasing last-gen games in the current-gen. And it's fucking bad. But I think the reason generic JRPGs tend to score much lower than generic WFPSs is because JRPGs are spewed out at an enormous rate (much faster than FPSs, at least) and they usually have...
  2. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'Me and My girlfriend (part II)'

    That story sucked.
  3. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'What's something that's really cool that is $50 or under?'

    Wow, thanks! So much amazing stuff on this site.
  4. Jaems

    What's something that's really cool that is $50 or under?

    My friend has a $50 pre-paid debit card, and he wants to spend it on something very cool, not just a video game, but something awesome. I really can't think of anything, but I know YOU GUYS can! So, come on guys, what's really cool/interesting and is well-worth $50?
  5. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'XD Fiancee's dad gave tonns of games'

    You can find it on Amazon for like $15. I think you're looking for the non-Greatest Hits version, though. Yes, those are rare and/or expensive. But I don't see why someone would want one unless they were a collector.
  6. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'I wrote a paper on a book I didn't read...'

    But The Crucible was so short.
  7. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'REMBER today rember remberence day'

    mitch coutts is easily the coolest person in this thread
  8. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'My School system is dumb'

    Lol, "idioticy".
  9. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'The Beatles: Rock Band'

    it's the beatles man.
  10. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'I'm Covered In Makeup!'

    I'm sorry for posting this pic. But you look like Boy George.
  11. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'Wow, I just realized how big of a spammer I am'

    Why do people care about post counts?
  12. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'What if?'

    I like this a lot.
  13. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'What if?'

    Glad you fellas enjoyed my story
  14. Jaems

    What if?

    Okay I was thinking about this all day yesterday because I had nothing better to do. Okay like. What if, like every Nintendo rep and everyone who worked at Nintendo decided, "You know... I hate the fucking world." And on that very day they make an announcement to the world that there's a new...
  15. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'I got a new external HDD'

    Well, I was thinkin about doing that whole Wii External HD USB loader a while back, but I've gotten rather fond of just using DVDs. (I think I may be the only person who prefers playing games of discs these days). Although that Media Center idea is tempting. But right now I'm looking for an HD...
  16. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'I got a new external HDD'

    I recently had an old external 160GB WD My Book fail on me. I used to keep all my Music and pr0n on it, but I had to move that over to my 320GB C: drive. Been looking to get a new HD. But havin' trouble deciding to get a 1TB internal or external. hmr.
  17. Jaems

    Comment by 'Jaems' in 'Out of choool'

    I live in fucking Florida. Fuck.
  18. Jaems

    Jaems's Blog

    Jaems's Blog
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    Jaems's Blog

    Jaems's Blog
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