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    Hacking EzFlash Jr Definitive Edition

    I don't know sorry. I've only ever used it for the DS Lite related features. If anyone else knows I am also very curious because I am the type of person that only plays 1 game at a time generally. Next time I get around to playing some GBA games not on gameboyinterface I'll test it for you if...
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    Hacking EzFlash Jr Definitive Edition

    Since the EZFlash people actually look at these threads and they are really awesome about how they interact with the community I just want to get a word in on this. If there is any plans for an EZ Flash Jr Definitive Edition somewhere down the line myself and I assume a few other people would...
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    Homebrew TWPatcher - DS(i) mode screen filters and patches

    First off want to thank you in general. Not only for your hard work within the homebrew community, but I read your most recent blog post 3-4 days ago and it honestly spoke to me. I'm kind of going through a quarantine (as well as other things) induced depression. Your advice section near the...
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