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    Looking for a emulator handheld, help?

    Original Vita with OLED looks really nice and feels good in the hand (size/buttons etc). GPD was already mentioned, but personally I don't like the weight of a screen ontop the size of the console itself, although you could do a lot more with the keyboard variant ... also costs a lot more. Ergo...
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    Game Boy Advance SP 001 whit 101 lcd

    Seems 1 is the LED driver with sleep mode and the other a Digital Backlight Brightness Controller? I found the parts at link below while looking into backlit screens for GBA and GBC, maybe you could contact them for the exact chip? edit: Oh seems...
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    Hacking EZ-FLASH OMEGA test flight

    For all files in a directory, use in CMD / Terminal: x:\GBA> attrib +A *.* to add the Archive atribute to all * files with all .* extensions, or: x:\GBA> attrib +A *.gba to add the Archive atribute to all * files with all the .gba extension
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    Hacking I finally got an M3 Perfect

    Looks exactly like my original one, although it's hard to see that the cart is silver on the photo. Only downside on it was that it sticks out slightly (like 5mm), although it's only annoying on the GBA Micro. It's still a lot less than the original full SD one which was as big as a GBC cart. ;)...
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    Gaming US imported vita with uk debit/credit card

    k, good at least non-US CC works. Guess I'll have to do some puppy-eyes at someone ones in a while, since I don't own a CC myself... :P Thanks for answering.
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    Gaming US imported vita with uk debit/credit card

    Tried to order PSN-cards at, but keeps complaining about wrong address info (why do they need that for a 'DLC'/ e-mail sent code anyway?) -> fixed by using 'address for international orders' ... Doesn't like my non-US paypal though, I reckon you paid with a CC?
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    Gaming How to play as player 2 in the NES Games

    And again my sig has been proven true. Since when are 2 pages a huge book? I usually skid through the manual when taking a break when I expect I might miss something. Or just for fun as it often has nice screens and artwork.
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    Ambassador Program NES Games

    Finally available in the Netherlands too. If we have it, I'm sure other countries will have it too for quite some time now. Downloading now, which gladly is done to SD.
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    Ambassador Program NES Games

    Couldn't find any screenshots here, so I looked at youtube. 2:22 Shows how the game SMB looks like (on top screen, bottom screen looks weirdly nonproporsional ). Before (from start) is a video guide on how to get them when you're not in a lazy country (like anywhere in Europe it seems, where...
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    [Rumour] Big Nintendo 3DS announcement

    Imo one of these: -snes ports for eshop (seriously, a res of 320+ * 240 is just asking for it. ) -Zelda: skyward sword 3DS (they're taking 3 months for a few "tweaks" O.o? ) -Metroid for 3DS (25th and no new game??) Maybe a Pokemon SMO (or whatever they recently trademarked/copyrighted). Or...
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    Hardware Rumor on a redesign for the 3DS

    *oops, reply in wrong topic.
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    Hacking Bricked DS Lite

    Good old flashme ... even besides getting rid of that freakingly annoying health-screen (THE reason I updated it after I got a slot1 card), it's still so usefully. :-D One would have expected most flashcards would've a routine to identify it by now ... that is, if it's actually the same.
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    Nintendo 3DS sells 207k units between 8-14 August in Japan

    Just confirms a lot of people thought it to be overpriced ... Maybe if they'd drop game prices in Europe, they might actually sell some games here too. I mean, $75 (49 euro) for a game is pushing it. That's more then PC games retail on (usually 45 euro). Now, I often import my games from UK...
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    Colors - the 3D painting app - coming to 3DS eShop.

    Colours site definitely says paint in 3D. It also says, collaborative painting with 4 peeps (hope via online with voice) ... and Q4, not fall.
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    Gaming 3DS eShop Ambassabor?

    It's quite simple if you downloaded the Poke3D or NinVids: check your receipt in the eShop. Even if you don't get the games/ambasadur title thing, it's easy to prove you should. Stop worrying already.
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    Hardware The reason why there is an infrared port on the 3DS

    Lol, MP with infrared? You know it's highly subjective to outer influences right? Also, it's pretty slow. (Only reason for Pokemon to be faster might be because it doesn't have to filter other devices for interuption, so setup of comms is faster, actual trading is done in a fraction of the...
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    Hardware Nintendo eShop 007-2401 Error

    Make a picture of your receipt too (for date bought), so you have prove you should get those games. I think your current serial won't do much good if they gave another... (I actually wanted to say make a photo/picture of your eShop receipts (eg: Poke3D, NinVid) for a sec, since those have dates...
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    Gaming Game speculation?*bert Now you do.
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    Gaming Game speculation?

    Seems more like a wish-listing topic to me. I'm pretty sure we'd see some more Castlevania's (hopefully more GBA/"classic"-style gameplay ... those "new innovations" are usually more miss than hit. I love the SotN (PSX/PSP though) and AoS ones, leveling up and gather all kinds of goodies. Maybe...
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    Nintendo may develop non-3D games for the 3DS

    s3D (stereo(scopic) 3D, depth illusion) isn't hard to program at all, it's just a shifted 2nd camera. PC's can render about every game that's 3D (good old 3 dimensions that has been around for decades, perspective) in s3D for quite some time now, simply through drivers. The only thing that...
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