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  1. Andorin

    Question about CW firmware and installing games

    Hi there, I used to install my games by downloading them with Tinfoil. Now that Tinfoil does not work anymore for me, I guess that I have to download my new games on my computer than transfer it to the Switch and Install them (I have Awoo Installer, can I install my games with it ?). But I...
  2. Andorin

    issues with tinfoil new games

    Hi folks, I have a very recent problem with Tinfoil. I used to DL and install games with Tinfoil connected to a certain server, and now it is not working anymore, Tinfoil does not load any new games. What happened ? TInfoil version 13.0, my switch is under Atmosphere 13.1.0 ams 1.2.1jE Thanks !
  3. Andorin

    Questions about Android on Switch

    Hi there, I’m about to travel a lot so I filled my switch with plenty of switch games and retro games on one SD card and filled another sd card with PS1 games and Android on it. I have few questions concerning my second sd card with Android on it: 1/ Is it “dangerous” to switch between SD...
  4. Andorin

    Switch does not boot on anymore

    Hi there. I use to switch between sd cards to launch my Switch on Android on one card or Atmosphere on the other. Today, while I was switching between cards, my Switch froze in Hekate, turned off and I can’t boot it anymore. What can I do ? Thanks
  5. Andorin

    Best GameBoy Advance (Through RetroArch) config !

    Hi folks ! Im a huge fan of handheld nintendo systems (Game Boy and GBC) and I have to admit that I don't understand a thing about layers in Retroarch... On my TV, the layout is HUGE and handhelded, its better but still quite zoomy. How do you play GBA games on your switch with Retroarch ...
  6. Andorin

    Just bought a v1 Switch, what do I need to know for hacking ?

    Hi there :yaypsp:, Just bought a hackable V1 switch (checked serial number) with a 400gb micro sd card. I gonna receive it soon and, in order to hack it, i'm preparing but wow, there are a LOT of information. Here are the main things I want / am going to do with my Switch: Play Switch Back-up...
  7. Andorin

    How is RetroEmulation going on PS VITA ?

    Hi there, I was wondering: How is RetroEmulation development going on PS Vita ? I mean, the GBA emulation is still not perfect, whereas as a matter of fact the PS VITA is way more powerful than a GBA. Still the same for SNES or even NES, still framerate not smooth with some sound problems...
  8. Andorin

    Thinking of buying a Switch, questions !

    Hey there ! Tried to do some research, but did not find precise answers. I'm thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch to hack it and play retro games and back-ups of Switch games. Here are my questions: 1) Do you recommend to buy a BIG micro SD card ? 2) Can I buy a brand new Switch or they...
  9. Andorin

    How is retro emulation on Switch ?

    Hi Folks ! I am a die hard Sony fan, upgraded from PSP to PsVita a year ago and now I’m heading to the Nintendo Switch. I tried to find some informations about all the questions I have but answers I found are not as precise as I want them to be. I/ Retro Emulation Here are the retro...
  10. Andorin

    Hardware How to keep my second PS Vita Battery alive ?

    Hi folks, I bought two PS Vita last winter. Just in case one of them was not working. By chance, both work well so I only use one of them everyday, but my second one is not used at all. What should I do to keep its battery functionnal and not damage it ? Shoud I let it uncharged ? Or should...
  11. Andorin

    Hacking Trying to find some specific emulators of RetroArch

    Hey folks, I'm trying to find a VERY GOOD Snes emulator for my Ps Vita. So, I found CATSFC Libretro Vita but this is not as good as I expect it to be: the sound has some problems. I've heard that the best emulator for SNES is included in the Retroarch collection but I don't need it as a whole...
  12. Andorin

    Hacking [Definitive answer] PSP games resolution on PS Vita

    Hey boys, Was looking on the internet about a definitive answer about how to fix the resolution of psp games on vita. No doubt that everybody has a different solution but nothing seems to work. For exemple: I try to play to Monster Hunter Unite on my vita but the game is SO blurred. I see that...
  13. Andorin

    Hacking Few questions about Playstation 1 and PSP on PSVITA

    Hey folks, Just bought a PS VITA (delivered tomorrow morning, can't wait !). I've been a huge fan of the hacking scene of PSP since its beginning and my favourite games are PS1, PSP and Gba games. It is why my PSP was perfect, I could play perfectly to these games. But, I learnt very soon that...
  14. Andorin

    Hacking Buying a 3.61 Ps Vita => How to hack it ?

    Hi folks, I’m about to receive my 3.61 Ps Vita and I want to hack it in order to emulate all retro stations + play PS1 and PSP through Adrenaline. I’m getting a little lost cause I’ve mastered the art of hacking PSPs fifteen years ago but with the vita it seems quite different. I understand...
  15. Andorin

    Hacking Anyway to play in multiplayer mode with Retro emulators ?

    Hey there, Can't find it on the internet, maybe you could help. I'm trying to find a way to play espacially Game boy Color Pokemon games in multiplayer with any GB/GBC emulator on PSP. Is it even possible ? Thank you guys, have a good evening/day.
  16. Andorin

    Homebrew Optimizing Emulation on New3DS

    Good evening, First of all sorry if the creation of this thread is unappropriate, i'm very new to the N3DS scene and the reading of the thousand pages on this forum did not help me on certain points, but maybe this new thread could be helping me and other people: I travel a lot, and when I...
  17. Andorin

    Hardware Does playing Playstation Games (Or even emulators) damages battery ?

    Hi everyone ! I'm very new to the 3DS modding and I was wondering something: I've read that playing PS1 emulator (retroarch) drained the battery quicker because it needs more CPU to run the games. Does playing emulators in general damages the battery or even the 3DS itself ? Thanks !
  18. Andorin

    Homebrew RetroArch PCSX ReARMed Multi Disc: What to do for FF7 ?

    Hi everybody ! First of all, so nice to meet all of your community, learnt and discovered so much things in the past few days on your forum. So nice ! :bow: I have not found any answer to my question on the internet, and I've even never found my question (as if it was evident for everybody and...
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