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    Hacking PS3 super slim HFW 4.86 help

    I have got a PS3 super slim CECH-4003A running OFW version 3.2 which has been not used a lot. \now i want to add emulators to play arcade games etc....etc , copy my games to HDD and home brew games. is the best current option is to install HFW 4.87.1 and HEN onto the system or can you please...
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    Gaming wii iso transfer to wiiu help

    Hi got this game Hasbro Family Game Night 3 wii iso converted iso to WBFS by using Wii backup manager to this file Family Game Night 3 [SHBP69] , i have put this file onto my install folder of my sd card, when i try to install this to my wiiu running haxchi via wup installer it says no valid...
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    Hacking Wii u 5.5.4 E running haxchi, error while loading home brew

    HI, Got the wii u on the above firmware and used the exploit and loaded haxchi and home brew app, but after a while now when loading the home brew from the home screen it gives me an error code on some of the games 199.9999 and i cant play the gave any more, while some of the the games are...
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    Hacking Ps vita 3.60 homebrew and backup games

    What's the latest exploit for ps vita running 3.60 I've got the original 16 gb m2 card and also got the sd2vita 3 gen card .. 1)Want to play emulators MAME etc 2).play old games vita psone 3)Can I do nonpdrm method . Can someone point me in the right direction .thanks
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    Hacking wii u usb helper microsoft .net error help

    usb helper today giving me a microsoft .net error (Data error (cyclic redundancy check ) its stuck at 60,% and gives me an error and give me 3 options to continue or quit and details which i have posted below any help how to get this working again thanks See the end of this message for...
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    Hacking sd2vita buy or stick to Sony m2 16 gb help

    Got this ps vita on henkuku 3.60 . Did this with 16 go Sony m2 card .. Is sd2vita a must to install Enso and then games. 1)do you need a sd2 vita for 3.60 if you have a few 16 gb m2 2)How big is a psvita game on average , I mean how many can you install on the 16 gb m2 card ..... 3 ) any...
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    Homebrew 3ds Xl ruining 4.5.0 10e homebrew help

    Hi , Got this 3ds xl running 4.5.0 10e I am currently using a gateway flash card to run homebrew games Are there any new method to modify it to play homebrew and emulators on it Thanks
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    Hacking Ps vita 3.01 homebrew help

    got a ps vita on 3.01 Want to know what’s the best way to run emulators and homebrew onto it I do have a ps3 as well Thanks
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    Gaming what causes Nintendo to ban a wii u console help

    as the thread says , what are not to do things after CBHC to avoid a console ban thanks
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    Gaming usb helper error : java is not installed

    usb helper not downloading any games from their site . Error :Java s not installed! has any one getting the same error . using the app downloaded from here and was downloading ok on the same pc but not today . any help or way around thanks
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    Gaming installing retroarch to wiiu help

    i have read the tutorial on this site to install retroarch but the second link for retroarch XMB is not working when i try to downlaod the file RetroArch XMB files from the google drive link it says you need permission to download , i did request permission but nothing has happened . can some...
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    Gaming lego marvel avengers says WUP file missing

    got this game all 3 files game,update and DLc ,when i try to copy it to my HDD via the HBL it say intallation failed check if the WUP files are there .. has any one got this problem earlier .. thanks
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    Hardware wii u usb 250 gb install help

    hi , got this wii u running CBHC . i had a 64 gb usb flash drive on which there are few games its connected at the back usb port . now i want to add more storage so i have got a Toshiba 250 gb external HDD and connected it to the front usb ports with a Y cable .the system asked me to format...
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    Gaming Wii u mocha cfw won’t load vc games

    hi Got this wii u browserhax—- mocha cfw loads other games from Hbl, But when I try to install vc games “donkey kong and Pac-Man “ it says can’t load u Need cfw . How do I make it install on the wii u console usb flash drive Thanks
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    Gaming Pooyan Wii U Virtual Console game help

    hi , i have been looking for this old game which on google it says is a VC game for wii u ,but can find out can any one point me into the right direction thanks
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    Hacking wii u haxchi--CBHC adding HBL channel help

    got this wii u haxchi ---CBHC by following the guide on this forum ,thanks to this forum and the writer , did try to get the HBL channel on the game pad by following the tutorial , 1)do i have to keep the SD card with the files in the front slot of the wii u for HBL to load . 2)is there...
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    Gaming how to delete games safely from wii u running haxchi-- CBHC from usb flashdrive

    hi , got some games which dont want to play and want to delete to free some space on the usb flashdrive on the wii . i installed them via wup installer onto the usb flash drive . 1) do i just delete the games by going inot system menu and then remove files from the usb drive /or from the...
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    Misc unlink NNID from one wii u and use it on another wii u

    hi , as the question says is this possible to unlink NNID from one wii u and then use the same NNID on a different console . 2)will i have to factory reset the console to do it . 3)in the wii u setting menu there is an option to delete the NNID ,if i delete it from the first wii u can i then...
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    Hacking two wii u for friend to put haxchi help

    i have got another console . 1)can i use my same NNID on the same consoles . 2)what happens to the Haxchi if i take my NNID from that console ,if i want to give it to a friend .can he keep the haxchi or will it go ,obviously the Ds game would be downloaded onto my account , 3)does the DS game...
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    Hacking wii u 5.5.2 homebrew help

    got this wii u and want to add homebrew and old emulators ,kike SNES,GBA ets . the console is running 5.5.2 . whats the homebrew best for me haxchi.or.... thanks
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