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    Windows Phone 7 Series SDK

    this is a long shot but has anyone here downloaded the SDK yet i can't believe that microsoft limited it to tax payers and college students what about us High School programmers
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    Snow and Umbrella

    as some of you may know its snowing here in northeast USA so i was bored and thinking i find it weird when people use umbrellas in the snow how about you.
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    Homebrew load disc channel from hbc

    i remember there being an program that could load whats in the drive from the hbc because my sensor bar broke and need a quick fix until it gets shipped i have an original copy of rockband and cios gives me issues with dlc so i don't want to use neogamma because i want it to use the original...
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    Gaming Resident evil 5 pc mouse issue

    whenever i load resident evil 5 i can't move the cursor because it keeps going up if i push up on the keyboard it'll just go back to the top of the menu and then if i move the mouse it switches to controller input until i push a buttone on the keyboard or mouse have not even tried to get my...
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    Gaming overclocking

    does anyone know anything about overclocking a pentium dual-core e5200 on a ecs g31t-m7 motherboard i know i've read that its not stable but i just need to go from 2.5 to about 3.0 to get pcsx2 to play smooth. I just built this pc and don't feel like getting a new motherboard until i have enough...
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    Homebrew geexbox alpha 6 with a2dp

    has anyone gotten geexbox to connect with thier phone because i have entered the mac address of my blackjack but don't know quite what to do next
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    Gaming tired of the wii onto xbox 360

    i want to get a 360 and flash a hacked firmware on it but have a few questions does making the isos stealth make it not possible for you getting banned and do i have to get dvd+r dl then bitset them to dvd-rom or can i just get dvd-r dl's
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    Homebrew gc loader with gcos multigame disc

    i just burnt my first gcos multigame disc after i used multigame iso creator 3.2.4f and when i put the game in it loads up to the gcos main menu then i push boot dvd then it tells me to insert a dvd then press a to start the process but when i press a it returns back to the gcos main menu
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    Gaming nethost freezes

    every time i try to load an iso through nethost using irshell it will freeze and stay on that screen until i remove the power from psp.
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    Gaming open a port

    alright i have tried this several times with no success i am using ubuntu 8.10 i have Time warner cable broadband and a wireless router Trendnet-432brp now every time i try to open a port and check it with i have disabled firestarter to see if that would help but it didn't can...
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    Gaming youtube on wii

    Every time i try to watch a video on youtube it tells me i need to update my adobe flash player has anyone got youtube to work on the internet channel.
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    Gaming megaupload/rapidshare downloader for linux

    does anyone know of any for ubuntu (x86) thats not jdownloader because it really buggy and not stable at all.
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    Hardware wii microphone compatibility

    does anyone know if all usb microphones are compatible with the wii, like for guitar hero: wt or boogie
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    Homebrew gamecube emulator on wii

    i don't want to sound like a noob but has any one thought of the idea of porting dolphin to the wii instead of trying to get backups to run on the wii. the question is does dolphin have any windows specific dependecies or is this possible with alot of work. To me it just seems easier than mios...
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    Hacking Manhunt 2 backup problem

    I burnt a backup of manhunt 2 (pal) both patched and unpatched but both times it just goes to a black screen when i try to load it on wiigator's loader .1 and .3 on ntsc wii any ideas why. P.S. all my other games are pretty much in synch with the compatability list just this game.
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