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    Hacking PS4 Save Wizard Slot

    Anyone have a PS4 Save Wizard Slot i can borrow? willing to pay for a permanent slot if needed, pm me sorry if not allowed please close.
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    Hacking N3DS - any reason to update?

    just started playing my N3dS again, its on 11.0E (a9lh+luma), have a couple questions if anyone could answer) a9lh was setup on 7/31/16 using (it seems to be a new url and changed heavily since though) 1. I assume I can just update luma through the Luma3DS Updater, right? 2...
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    Hacking cubic ninja - eu import (where?)

    where will ship eu cubic ninja to us? ebay prices are higher than sky3ds
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    android 4.x note 3 - unblock pasting from apps?

    hello, is there a way to unblock an app from not letting you paste password like u can browsers?
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    Homebrew game genie codes nogba

    just came out recently, possible to use game genie codes with nogba?
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