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    Elon Musk: Conman or God?

    This is an interesting question and I know which side of the fence I sit on but I'm interested to hear other peoples opinions on the topic. I'll keep my opinion to myself for a few days in an effort to try and not influence the results. Thanks
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    Nintendo falsely DMCAs a bunch of Twitch streamers for streaming a game they bought

    Theres been a bunch of reports, mostly coming from Twitter, that Nintendo was DMCAing people streaming Hyrule Warriors AoC despite them owning the game and it being officially released in their time zone.
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    Hardware Nintendo might announce 2 new Switch models at E3, one designed to replace the 3DS I'd be surprised if Nintendo didn't release new Switch hardware tbh.
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    Gaming Switch might be getting VC afterall
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    Hardware Who else thinks Nintendo will backport eShop security to Wii U next?

    Now Nintendo have implemented the new ticket checks onto the 3DS eShop who else thinks it's only a matter of time before it gets implemented into Wii U as well? I will be incredibly surprised if we don't get Wii U 5.6 by the end of 2018 killing off Wii USB Helper (and the other similar apps)...
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    Sony updates it's Warranty in US & Canada, customers can now open consoles without voiding warrantie

    Yep, the first of the 3 console manufacturers to abide by FTC rulings, Sony has updated it's warranty terms. The changes made cover warranties on PS4, PS3, PSVR & PS Vita and now states that the warranty is void if the customer causes damage to the system by opening it, not just by the act of...
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    Hacking Odd issue with my Wii Backups

    Sorry in advance, this is probably going to be a long one. So around 10 years ago I softmodded my own Wii and used it normally for some years before packing it away for safe keeping. Last week this missis suggested that our daughter have my Wii in her room, I explained that I didn't want to...
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    Hardware According to Google the Switch doesn't follow USB Type C protocol's, at all Nintendo seemingly went out of their way to ignore protocol with the Switch. Wonder if this might explain the 5.0.0 bricking situation?
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    Hacking I bought a Switch on 3.0.1, Update or not?

    Is 3.0.1 ready for any hacks or is it too new? Should I stay put or update to latest? Thanks.
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    Gaming Played BOTW while online, am I f**ked?

    Don't laugh, it wasn't my fault. I disconnected my Wii U to play yesterday then this morning my brother went on it and obviously reconnected it without me knowing so I spent 3 hours playing today while online. I only found out when I stopped playing and it starting downloading a BOTW update...
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    Hacking Formatted my Wii U now getting SD Mount Failed?

    Just to be clear, I'm not a noob and everything was working perfectly before the format. Basically I had redNAND (Mocha) running and somehow ended up with some undeletable ? on my system menu so I decided to ditch redNAND and start again. To do this I formatted my Wii U which went fine, took...
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    Hacking Install games onto USB in sys, play them in red?

    I'm aware that installing a game to USB in redNAND means its unplayable in sysNAND, ends with an error about account missing but what about doing it in reverse? If I installed the games in sig patched sysNAND then booted into redNAND would I still get the same error?
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    Zelda BOTW for Wii U might have been cancelled

    A Japanese gaming site is reporting its been told that Nintendo have cancelled BOTW on Wii U due to technical difficulties. Source is a video as the article is in Japanese
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    Hacking WBFS for Wii U, is it a thing?

    Is anyone actually working on deciphering the Wii U FS and creating tools to manage our HDDs & USBs on our PCs? I feel this is an important step for homebrew running from USB instead of SD Card. Anyone know if its even being looked at?
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    Hacking Do I need to clear my NAND before I try RedNAND?

    So i've got a few E Shop titles installed onto my Wii U and I am about to try and set up RedNAND but I'm wondering if I need to clear my console before I do or not? Will doing the procedure with games installed onto my Console have any negative impact?
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    Hacking Whatever happened to the Wii U Key?

    I was seconds away from pre ordering one when they announced they were close to release but decided to wait for the release, glad I did because they went totally silent shortly afterwards. Anybody got any idea what happened to the thing? They showed videos of it working so it must have existed...
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    Hacking Mario Kart 8 DLC Help

    When running MK8 with Loadiine and the latest update I've noticed there is a blank box on the main menu which isn't there if I run the game with updates disabled so I'm assuming it's something to do with DLC. I actually own both the DLCs anyway but I no longer have my disc (I still have it but...
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    Hardware So, NX might be a handheld that has detachable controllers and plugs into a TV

    Yep, latest rumours are the system might well be a tablet like system (almost certainly running a Tegra X1) with 2 controllers that can attach or disattach to the system so it can be played hand held or plugged into a TV for big room play. Tech Radar created this awesome picture for everyone...
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    Hacking Chances of Nintendo releasing a new FW?

    People are saying Wii U is EOL now with NX months away, it's been months since 5.5 released and even then they still didn't patch the exploits that have been present since 5.3 so I'm just wondering, what do you think the chances of us getting an official FW update actually are? Do you think...
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