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    Hacking Need assistance - SX OS to Atmosphere

    Hi I haven't updated my Switch firmware for a long time, and I'm using SX OS 2.9.2 Now I'm trying to run some newer games (XCI) and they just show up as white blank squares on the game select menu, I'm guessing I have a too old firmware? How do I run Atmosphere instead of SXOS? I havent set...
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    Hacking Update to 6.0.1 - via OFW or CFW?

    Hi I am running 5.0.1 and SX OS. The switch has been in airplane mode since just before I got the SX and has since then not connected to the internet. Should I update using OFW or by homebrew? I guess CFW to not burn the so called efuses? Is there a possibility the installation through custom...
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    Hacking Just got SX Pro, backup NAND first?

    Hi Just received my SX Pro. Should I back up my Switch before doing anything else? Should I run with AutoRCM or not?
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