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    Neo-Geo a visual history book

    If you didnt know, the 2nd release of this nice book is still availible at bitmap books. I did order my books 2 days ago and it is already delivered from UK to Germany. Its really a nice book for ppl that want to know about SNK and the Neo-Geo Systems and collectors. Its also high quality...
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    Iplayer now at DX

    Seems just hit the stores. The price of 36$ seems a bit high for me, but ok if someone wants this device.
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    Hacking New Flashcart U2 DS

    Saw it on DX for sale Homepage is
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    Hacking Edge OS Update 1.41

    EDGE OS v1.41 has been released. Changes include: SlowMotion feature added, hold L + R + DOWN + B for 1 second in-game to toggle on and off Updated the cheat code database file Yay Edge getting better and better.
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    Hacking Colors of EDGE PCBs

    Hey there ! I noticed some different colors of the Edge PCBs. My 1st one is a 1st generation one and has a green color PCB. The later ones i received usually have a blue color PCB and u can read Edge v1.1 at the SD slot. Then i also have 2 Edge cards with a red color pcb and u can read Edge...
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