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  1. sora10pls

    Hacking Question Banned from one game, possible to play from different region?

    So the gist of things is that I'm banned from online in Splatoon 2 (USA) after only using LayeredFS for music mods and having used SplatHeX once. My question is... would I be able to purchase Splatoon 2 from the Japanese eShop and play online using that? The Title IDs are different so I figured...
  2. sora10pls

    Hardware Question regarding trade in and save data transfer

    I currently own a PS4 Slim and am looking to upgrade to a PS4 Pro some time in the near future. I don't need both consoles as I'm only playing a few games, but would like the hardware upgrade for better performance on future games (and my already owned games), so I plan on transferring my data...
  3. sora10pls

    Homebrew boot9strap 1.1 released
  4. sora10pls

    Hacking RedNAND 2.1.0 Downgrade Error

    I've never come across this error before. I've modded many 3DSes to have A9LH, yet this is the first time I've come across this error. sysUpdater fails to install the following CIA when downgrading RedNAND to 2.1: "0004001000021000.cia" The exact error is: titleException: title.cpp:126...
  5. sora10pls

    Hacking Downgrading 9.9 to 9.2 (Question)

    I've been looking at older threads about this, but just wanted to be sure about something before going into it. I've purchased a New 3DS XL for a buddy of mine, and plan on getting A9LH with it (I've modded nearly 17 consoles prior, the rest of the process isn't new to me at all). My only...
  6. sora10pls

    Hacking Mario Kart 8 texture hack not working

    I've been trying for a while to get a custom texture modification for Mario to work for a while now, and I haven't been able to get everything working. Once the file is loaded through Cafiine, the game simply crashes. What I've done (step-by-step): - Obtained Mario.szs (from...
  7. sora10pls

    Hacking Bricked sysNAND with A9LH

    Before anybody asks, yes, I have tried multiple NAND backups through Decrypt9 and my hardmod, only to have none of them work. For a while now I've had A9LH installed on my n3DS. I haven't been using Updated SysNAND Mode, but I figured that I wanted to considering it'd give me more space to work...
  8. sora10pls

    Hacking Pokemon Y CIA (with v1.5 update built-in) Hangs on 3DS Logo?

    Title says it all. Any idea as to why this is happening? I've heard that it is possible to merge update data with the ROM and then repack it all into a CIA, and after having done so, it just hangs on the 3DS logo after the CIA is launched from the HOME Menu. ** To clarify, I have looked this...
  9. sora10pls

    Hacking Linking NNID on 9.2 sysNAND

    Recently I downgraded my Old 3DS from 10.3.0-28U to 9.2.0-20U, and installed a CFW (rxMode). After doing so, I ended up unlinking my NANDs and in the process, my NNID was unlinked from my sysNAND, thus giving me an error when connecting to the eShop on emuNAND. The problem? Every time I try to...
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