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  1. sabandellos

    Homebrew Sleep mode on all emulators

    My 3rd external HD for Homebrew and it has also the f**k**g sleep mode. :cry: I can't save gamestate because of it, and I don't want to use SD card. :p1ng2: First days of emulation on wii/gamecube I remember the option "keep DVD on" or something like this. :wub: It would be great to see...
  2. sabandellos

    Homebrew scummvm with usb2

    It would be a good idea to compile the last scummvm with usb2 suport. I don't know how to do it. Original authors thinks that this idea is dangerous and near to piracy both because the use of cIOS. Anyone knows how to do it?, ... or wants to do it?
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