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    Checking whether this software can be played...

    Hi. When I try to start a game that I have installed trough TinFoil with separate updates and DLC installed as well and try to run it, I get: Loading forever. If I enable flight mode on the console, I get the following: But from that point I'm able to select "Start Software". Now I'm...
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    Hacking Uninstall wads from SNEEK?

    Hello! I have an unpacked NAND dump from my Wii which I’m using for SNEEK. To install wads (games) I use “ShowMiiWads” (Extract -> To NAND) on my PC, so my question is if there is a way to uninstall wads or rather list everything installed on the unpacked NAND dump to then delete it. I know...
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    Hacking Homebrew Channel on SNEEK

    Hello! I would like to know if there is anything I do wrong when I try to load the Homebrew Channel from a system menu running from SNEEK. All it does is it loads a few seconds and then takes me back to the system menu again. I can access the Homebrew Channel by removing the SD-card on boot...
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    Hacking SuperDump 1.3 99%-problem

    Hello! I'm dumping some GameCube games mainly to play them on emulator on PC... And the problem I've got is that the program "SuperDump 1.3" completes on 99% while I want them to be 100% and complete for sure... I've read that cIOS38 rev14 could be the cause to this, but I've tried both rev13...
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    Gaming Black screen after Wii Sports update

    Hi! Earlier this summer I bought a "Wii Sports Resort", and today I just moved back home and tested it. It asked for an update so I did update, and after it said it was complete, everything just got black. It goes black every time I try to go to the system menu. The version I used to have is...
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    Hardware Backup GBA save?

    Hi! I don't know if this is right forum to post this in but... I would like to know if it is possible with a flashcard and some program to take a copy of a savefile for a GBA game from a real cartridge. I dont know if this is good but example: I have a bought a copy of "Pokemon Ruby" and now...
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    Hacking downgraded and now “ret = -1029”

    Hi! I just downgraded from 4.0 to 3.2 but now when I try to install wads using Wad Manager 1.3 I get error: “ret = -1029”. The wads I’m trying to install are: The.Legend.of.Zelda.Majoras.Mask.PAL.VC.Wii.OneUp The.Legend.of.Zelda.Ocarina.of.Time.PROPER.PAL.VC.Wii-Zio I’ve searched but I didn’t...
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    Hacking can't install wads

    Hi! I installed the new system menu 4.0 a few days ago but I can't seems to be able to install wads now... I followed a guide and I have installed both cIOS36 and cIOS37 but still getting these errors: "ret = -1029" or "ret =-1020" on some I've tried...
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    Hacking sd not formated

    Hello! I've been playing a lot on my AK2 and wanted to put some saves on the PC and add some new games on my AK2, but when I put the microSD in my PC, it says: "This disk is not formated. Do you wish to format it?" Of course I don’t want to do this as it works well on my DS. Is there any way...
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    Hacking Wiiware, VC - games not working

    Hello! Sorry for editing the post much but this is only on Defend Your Castle: I get error "ret = -1022" and if i manage to install it it says "This channel cannot be used" And sometimes I only get a black screen (I'm running 3.2 after a downgrade from 3.4 on PAL)
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    Hacking DS card to buy

    Hello! I'm going to buy a card that I can put my games on for the DS, and I think I’m going to buy an AceKard 2, because it looks like the best. I haven’t bought this card yet because I also need a SD card to put in at the top of it. I have been looking around for a good one but doesn’t really...
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    Gaming Releaselist

    Hello! When I look at the release list on GRN and on the one on this site, I found out that it up to 1842 seems to be same, but on 1843 the difference is: GRN: 1843_Zettai_Zetsumei_Dangerous_Jiisan_3_Hateshinaki_Mamonogatari_JPN_GBA-Caravan GbaTemp...
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    Hardware LZH to ZIP?

    Hello! Some games that I've found, using LZH-Archive, which I, in WinRAR can’t delete files from. So my question is simple, is there any way to convert a LZH-Archive to a ZIP- Archive so that I can delete files and edit files in it?
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    Gaming Wii - Error 51040 WiFi

    Hello! When I try to connect to the internet on my Wii, I get the error code 51040 all the time and it can’t connect, I have tried many times, I have search for it but couldn’t find any solution other than try reinstall the WiFi software on the computer, which I tried. It works to connect from...
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