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    Is this ags 101

    I know that ags101 looks darker when the screen is turn off, however, i dont understand why the screen looks grey and has the ags101 sticker on it
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    Gaming Help! my maker points at SMM2 wont go up, is this normal?

    Last weekend, my maker points was 4195 and I noticed that when people give a like, it wouldnt go up, I waited for a few more likes and it was still 4195, I did not get panic because I thougth maybe in a week the problem will be solved, so today have passed a week and it just stock at 4195 maker...
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    Gaming I would like to know if?

    Can this pc run citra, especially kirby triple deluxe at 60 fps? Core i5 3470 processor Intel h61 board Hard Drive 500 GB RAM 8 GB DDR3 Buss 1600 Asus Nvidia GT 630 Video Card
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    This easily emulate gamecube 60fps?

    If it can run citra that good, gamecube games for sure? CORE I5 3rd GENERATION CPU DETAILS: Case thermaltake Certified source thermaltake 500 wats Core i5 3470 processor Intel h61 board Hard Drive 500 GB RAM 8 GB DDR3 Buss 1600 Asus Nvidia GT 630 Video Card...
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    Can this emulate, PS2, Gamecube, 3DS at full speed?

    AMD A10 9700 3.5 GHz ================== * AMD A10 9700 3.5 GHz * 4 Cache Core 6MB * 500GB HDD disk * 8GB DDR4 RAM * Mainboard A320 Comment if some of those emulators wont run full speed for the majority of games and I will appreciate your advices.
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    Gaming Can wii u use fastforward in mgba with retroarch?

    I know it can, but for some reason when it reach in speed 200fps, it freezes the whole system, so Im not able to play pokemon unbound at higher speeds.
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    Homebrew Can you delete everything from your SD after a Wii u is modded and put it back and it will work normally again?

    I back it up all my files from my Wii u and delete it for use the 64 Sd card on something else, however, I decided to play again with my wii u and a week later I put back everything of the wii u again to the 64 sd card, but now when I launch haxchi it stays on the nintendo wii u logo and doesnt...
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    Homebrew How do tekken 3 ps1 cia run on new 3ds model?

    is it playable, or it has much lag when playing
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    Gaming Do anyone has completely passed a 3ds game through the switch emulator?

    Does it run good, what were your thoughts of that particular game
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    Homebrew How is it 3ds emulation on the SWITCH?

    Is it currently the best way to emulate 3ds than in any other phone, at least of what I saw in videos
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    Homebrew Can you play Pokemon BLack 2 by injectig desmume on Wiiu?

    The inject of desmume opens on my wii u, but cannot test it since I dont have any controls for using it. My question is if anyone try out this game in this desmume inject and if it performs good and at a playable speed since the Wii u is more powerful than wii. I saw a video of running yoshi...
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    Homebrew Wii u more powerful than PS vita?

    How come vita is having a dreamcast emulator, is this really mean that Wii u is less powerful.... or what is about it ( why people that is porting it would think a vita can run it better than a Wii u?)
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    Gaming Can I post a Wii u PSP bounty so they can keep building it?

    Do you guys think if I put a bounty like 1000$, there is a chance some1 would like and keep building the PSP emulator so it can achieve fullspeed on Wii u, or the Wii u just isnt strongh enough to play most of the games at fullspeed and without frameskip.
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    Gaming Doom 2 Eternal Slayer mod on wii u?

    Can it be played using the prboom core on Wii u retroarch with the doom2.wad, or any ways to make it work somehow on retroarch.
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